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    No blood in these parts


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    No blood in these parts Empty No blood in these parts

    Post by Musicalbunny 11th January 2018, 7:13 pm

    Lirix heard a buzz on his Ilac. It was a job request sent as a message for a blood drive. "Come all ye guild members to the Blood Drive at the Rose Garden. Entertain, serve, and be our slaves- I mean volunteers." Along with that came a message about the dress code "No hats or hoods." Lirix shrugged and decided it would be the perfect time to meet new friends, maybe even a special one. He walked all the way there seeing balloons and signs in every direction. This led to the most beautiful area Lirix has ever seen. Roses at every corner and colorful lights, shining all over the area. Children were at every corner with smiling faces. You could even see multiple guild members doing tricks in front of the children, and making them laugh. He saw a beautiful dining area with people with some pleasant outfits and catches a wink from a girl. He turns steamy and walks away. He walks around to find the owner of this event but he couldn't find her. All of a sudden a women in a nurses outfit walks up and screams "Hello! I see your a guild member here." He then replies back "Yes, I am. Who are you?" She then says "The owner of course. You can either start serving food and drinks, or entertain those little devils...uh I mean bundles of joy. Now go!" He walks over to a little girl with three scoops of ice cream on a cone and her mom. He gets a flashing colorful ball and throws it in the air. He steps on his foot and becomes boiling. The air around the ball begins to get hotter as little explosions of color happen. Everyone starts to stare at the magic-made fireworks. Kids are in awe as the explosions shine above them. He uses his spell "Mist of the ages" in order to settle down the lights. As if on queue everyone gets back to what they are doing. He then asks with a smile "Are you happy little baby?" She then jumps around her mom with hands in the air "Yes!" He then walks away with the biggest smile, because he knows he just made someone's day happier. He goes to the dinner area and receives a tray of this fruity substance. Lirix then absorbs the drink feeling a strong substance hit him. Poison! He drops the tray and yells "Poison in the drinks! Get them to me now and find a nurse if you already drank some." He wasn't sure if all the drinks were poison but he wanted to be safe. Everyone handed the drinks to Lirix and absorbed all the drinks to take the poison out of them and then put them back in the cup through his hands. The commotion began to die down as the poisons were safely disposed of through him and as the people with poison already were healed. The owner then applied Lirix to check every drink until the day ended. For all of this the owner offered a ton of jewels, but Lirix turned down the offer. He said saving all those people and making all those children happy was good enough.

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