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    Hello Beaux (Beaux x Hades)


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    Hello Beaux (Beaux x Hades) Empty Hello Beaux (Beaux x Hades)

    Post by Valéry 11th May 2021, 9:05 pm

    An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away.

    Magnolia. It might have been fun for the incubus for the little bit he was in there, but he unfortunately had a mission to deal with now. His excitement was getting the better of him. He probably should have waited to jump into the sky, like outside of town and away from people, but oh well. It didn’t matter too much as he was literally gone from the stupid little town as soon as his feet were off the ground. His next target was to go to Era. The winds were lovely today, taking him in the direction he needed to. As he flew, he pulled out the magazine he hijacked from the library, wondering if there were any other lovely goodies in the magazine about his little croissant, instantly opening to the first page of the interview of the young man he loved.

    The incubus was confused as he read. Was he really that off on the age of his dear Beaux? Was this even his Beaux? He was from Napedia as well… the more he read, despite the magic bit, it sounded very much like his little doe eyed lover. He had to find out what happened to him… and especially find out who this ‘old flame’ that gave him a flower crown on a date. The black haired man’s lip twitched up on the left side in a slight snarl as he didn’t like that. But that did give him an idea though. His little sunshine liked flowers… maybe he should pick some up for him?

    He started to veer a bit towards the right, noticing another city close by. The map said that was Crocus, the capital of Fiore. Maybe getting some nice flowers there in Crocus would be something he can do?! It was a brilliant plan! He let himself lower towards the city, getting an overall glance at how nice this capital was. It seemed busy. Something he can easily walk around, especially since there were people in similar suits to his own, just not as flashy or nice. He needed to feed his desire just a little bit though… he didn’t want to attack his sugarcube so quickly. He needed to be the perfect gentleman that he remembered from their pasts. Now who could be the juicy treat for him…?

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