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    Valéry C. J. R. Phacelia


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    Valéry C. J. R. Phacelia Empty Valéry C. J. R. Phacelia

    Post by Valéry 21st November 2021, 4:26 pm

    Valéry C. J. R. Phacelia MaH3The
    Name: Valéry Cyprien Jacques Renard Phacelia
    Alias: Val, Va, V, Cyp, Ren, V.C., C.J., J.R.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27 years old
    Birthday: July 21
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Special Characteristics: Valéry is often seen with half his hair dyed white, and rather sharp canine teeth when he smiles. Occasionally his eyes will also go from blue to red when upset.


    Pretentious - Coming from a family of high status, Valèry often has an attitude that says he's higher than others and sees himself as more cultured than others. He will stick his nose up at some ‘unsightly’ things and be sure to wear only the finest of clothing. Only the best for this man.
    Greedy - Val does not like to share things, especially his pets, with people he does not know, but even if he does know them, he is not too keen on sharing still. They are his possessions, not many can touch and live to see the next day.
    Dominant - The dogs on top are the ones that run the show of the world, that is how it goes, and that is exactly how Val thinks he should be. Him on top, leading a horde of dogs. He does not take too kindly to others trying to order him around.
    Sadistic - Sticks and stones may break bones, but breaking others bones gets him a great deal excited. He would take any chance he possibly could get to break someone’s bones if they did something he didn’t like, or they were an enemy.
    Gentleman - Despite the ‘bad’ qualities of this man, he can be an absolute gentleman and shows proper manners. He knows how to use his words and how to act properly in front of those who just happen to be above him.
    Protective - Family and his pets are two things that Val will protect with his absolute life. He loves both extremely dearly. This also applies to his items he doesn’t wish to part with.
    Frivolous - Coupling with his Pretentious personality, he also is rather frivolous as he pretty much has no concept of saving money. He never had to before, and he usually has a steady supply of money coming in that he doesn’t even notice when he gets ‘low’.

    🐾 His Pets - He enjoys being close to his pets, regardless of species.
    🐾 Money - Money does make the world go round.
    🐾 Fine Clothes - Clothes makes the man. The better the clothes, the better he looks.
    🐾 Family - Besides the pets he possesses, Val loves his family dearly.
    🐾 Harm being done to his pets - He’d let himself be hurt before any of his pets get hurt.
    🐾 Dirt - Dirt, and getting dirty, are something he honestly really would rather avoid at all possible costs.
    🐾 Disobedience - This is mainly from his pets, but others who are clearly under him disobeying him upsets him greatly as well.
    🐾 His Pets - They drive him to do better, plus he needs to support them.
    🐾 Family - Due to his protective nature of his family, he is motivated to make the world a better place.
    🐾 Money - Money honestly can talk if it’s high enough...
    🐾 A Pet Dying - He promised to protect his pets… and if one dies in other ways besides from old age, then he’ll feel like he failed them.
    🐾 Family Dying - As with his pets, he wants to protect his family, and if they die on his watch or when he isn’t there, it’d crush him.
    🐾 Lemons - Val honestly doesn’t even know why he’s afraid of them… He just can’t stand them and shakes when near one or smells one.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6’5” || 195.58 cm
    Weight: 188 lbs || 85.28 kg
    Hair Color: Black (half dyed white)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Tone: Pale

    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Tattoo: On his inner right wrist
    Tattoo Color: White


    Valéry ~ Bank
    Little Shop of Crazy


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    Post by Medeia 22nd November 2021, 4:06 am


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