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    Hades' Gavel

    Vandrad Ragnos
    Vandrad Ragnos

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    Hades' Gavel Empty Hades' Gavel

    Post by Vandrad Ragnos 22nd January 2021, 8:32 am

    Hades' Gavel

    Unique Weapon


    Melee Damage:
    40 HP

    Proof of Acquisition:
    [Insert Link to Purchase Post]

    The Gavel used by Hades as he passed judgment on the dead. The gavel was said to be stolen by a greedy, power-hungry demon that fled to Earthland with it in hope of creating carnage with its almighty power. The demon made himself a home in the dungeons, hoping to use the dungeons as a refuge and eat any humans that wandered into his lair. Though the demon was discovered by a group of soldiers from Midi who were able to slay the demon, as none of them used demon-based magic, however, they were unable to pick up the gavel that he wielded, its demonic energy too strong for them to touch without rotting their flesh. So, the gavel was abandoned in the dungeon, and it is said that only an individual able to wield demonic energy is able to hold this gavel and remain unharmed.

    Hades' Gavel 794Ys5H


    Name: Infernal Damnation
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multi Target, Burst, Immobilization, Debuff
    Damage: User Rank Advanced Multi Target + 50% | User Rank Advanced Burst + 50%
    Range: Melee | User Rank Advanced Burst Range - 50%
    Speed: Melee | User Rank Advanced Burst Speed - 50%
    Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
    Description: Hades' Gavel is fueled with demonic energy, swinging it at enemies will deal user rank advanced Multi Target damage with each blow. The wielder can also hold out the Gavel and release this energy in an explosive burst around themselves instead. Only the Multi Target or the Burst version of this ability may be used in a single post and the damages cannot be stacked. Due to the decreased range and speed of the weapon it deals more damage as a result. Anyone struck with this demonic energy will be overcome with fear and thus be immobilized for a single post, and once every other post at the max. If hit with this demonic energy the target's spells will be less impactful, also recieving a debuff of 200% to Spell Damage for the remainder of this ability's duration.

    Name: Sinner's Abyss
    Rank: User Rank (Up to H)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: AoE, Piercing, Drain, Debuff
    Damage: User Rank AoE Damage + 50%
    Range: User Rank AoE Range - 50%
    Speed: User Rank AoE Speed - 50%
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: The wielder can slam the hammer on the ground, pouring their demonic energy into the earth. Everything in the surrounded area will wither and rot as it emits a demonic miasma. Anyone caught in this miasma will be hit with the damage stated above, though due to it's decreased range and spell speed, it's base damage is higher. On top of this damage, anyone who breathes in this miasma will be drained of 5% HP & MP once per post for the ability's duration and will also have their strength debuffed by a user rank active debuff for the ability's duration.


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