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    Treasures of Old

    Valentri Fontane
    Valentri Fontane

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    Treasures of Old Empty Treasures of Old

    Post by Valentri Fontane 18th March 2021, 4:46 am

    Last stop, Fairy Tail. Next stop, Oak Town.

    Last stop, Fairy Tail. Next stop, Oak Town.

    Last stop,….

    Sir, sir. You’ve gotta wake up! Ya missed your stop! Yer gon’ miss th’ next one, too!

    Yeah, yeah, Ma. I’ll get…. Wait… what?

    Valentri shot up from his booth and quickly glanced around the cart. “Where are we?!” He leaned toward the window to look outside and watch as the train sped up. “Oh, damn it. You were s’posed to wake me up before the train left, not after!” Slamming his fist onto the table, he groaned. “That’s what I get for payin’ a runt to do a job right.

    Sir.. Sir… stop yellin’. Ya said, and I quote, ‘wake me up b’fore, the sun goes down. And, ya see? It ain’t down yet, sir.

    Again, he looked out the window. Narrowing his eyes, he suddenly realized that maybe… just maybe, he was wrong. The sun was still high in the sky. Was his timing off? No, surely not. His clocks were never wrong.

    Then, we didn’t pass Fairy Tail! Or… or… wait… no.” He ran ideas through his head. What went wrong? Clearly the timing was off, but how? Did he misjudge? Did his clock stop working? Did he take into account that the kid clearly couldn’t tell time?

    Stop blaming the kid.

    Whatever. Here’s your pay. Wake me up when we reach Oak Town, will ya? That’s not as bad a stop, either. Just can’t go about getting as good of supplies there, though. I’ll wing it.” He said nonchalantly, seemingly rambling to the kid and anyone else passing through the hallway. Kicking his feet up onto the table, he leaned back to take another short nap. It’d be just another hour or two, he figured.


    Four hours later.


    Last stop, Oak Town. Next stop, Talonia.

    Last stop, Oak Town. Next stop, Talonia.

    Sir, sir! You’ve gotta wake up! Yer ‘bout ta miss yer stop!

    SHIT!” Jumping out of the booth in a half daze, he grabbed his bag from the overhead compartment and bolted toward the door. Shoving through people, he made it past them and to the doorway with his bag over his shoulder; seemingly using it as a weapon to help clear the way.

    As he rushed through the doorway, he stumbled and fell down the last stair. He landed face-first on the ground with a duffel bag of miscellaneous items on his back, weighing him down and knocking the breath out of him.

    Ungfh! Damn it….

    He pulled himself up from the ground and dusted himself off as best he could. A look of frustration and embarrassment on his face. “I’m not drunk!” he yelled out to the onlookers. Quickly, he gathered his things and stomped off. “I need a map….Or a guide... or something.

    And so, the hunt for a map of the surrounding area began….
    Mercury Arseneault
    Mercury Arseneault

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    Treasures of Old Empty Re: Treasures of Old

    Post by Mercury Arseneault 27th March 2021, 7:05 pm

    Mercury Banner
    Cunning is the art of concealing our own defects
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    Mercury stretched her jaw a little, easing the tingle of pain that was currently shooting through her entire head. Despite how many times she’d been struck in the face over the last couple minutes, she didn’t appear to have any bruises or cuts. She chuckled, shaking her head to clear it. “Better, that one was much better,” the woman stated cheerily, “But if you really want me to feel it, you gotta give it a little more umph. Put some torque in it, you know? You gotta like… twist your body from the hips and punch through my face, not at it.”

    It was a very odd statement to make, particularly given the circumstances. Mercury was currently being forced down to her knees with her arms held behind her back by two thugs that were holding her in place. A third was currently using her for a punching bag, though by the way she was talking it sounded more like she were giving him sparring tips rather than being held captive. She smirked up at the one beating her, emerald eyes twinkling with mirth and mischief as she watched the man grow red with frustration over his inability to really damage her at all. And the sad thing was, Mercury wasn’t even using any magic. Vandrad hit way harder than this, and the two of them sparred and fought on a near daily basis. By comparison, this poor sap may as well have been a child with a wooden toy sword.

    Her short, lavender colored hair was currently a mess on top of her head, a stark contrast to her calm and collected demeanor. She wore a loose, sleeveless pink shirt with wide gaps down the underside of the arms that did little to hide the black bra she wore beneath it -- the only garment that was really keeping her modest. Along her shoulder, bicep, and up the side of her neck were a series of gear shaped tattoos, and she was currently sporting a number of piercings on her ears and one on her nose. A pair of worn jeans with a pair of sneakers adored the lower half of her body, along with a belt that had a single, moderate sized pouch on it as well as a large holster for her gun, which was currently missing from its place. The sunglasses she had been wearing were shattered on the ground in pieces.

    “I’m gonna ask you one more time… Why were you following us?”

    “What, a girl’s not allowed to walk down a sketchy alley by herself? You boys sure are paranoid. Got something to hide, do you?”

    The woman’s smirk deepened just a hair as the man pulled his fist back, incensed with ire over her refusal to take him seriously and ready to strike her again. He was stopped by the fourth person with them, who appeared to be the veteran among their group. Like the others, he sported a visible tattoo of a sun, the emblem for the Black Sun dark guild. He’d been hanging back and merely observing as the other three ganged up on her, having confiscated her gun and giving it a good looking over. Without a word, he halted the assault by holding up a hand, and his companion growled but obeyed, taking a couple steps back so the other man could step over and kneel in front of her. He held the weapon up in front of her gently. “This here’s quite the bit of tech. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it, not even outta Bosco. Where’d you get it?”

    Mercury shrugged innocently, or at least as well as she could while her arms were being held behind her. “I made it.”

    “That so? You make a lot of stuff like this, then?”

    “And more.”

    He smiled at her. “Well then, I guess it’s our lucky day. Throw her in the car, boys. I think the boss’ll be very interested in our new friend and her work.”

    Mercury’s gaze stayed locked on the man with her own smirk still in place, but she did nothing to fight as they bound her hands up tightly with rope. So far, everything was going according to plan. While Black Sun wasn’t a secret guild, they had done well at keeping their headquarters hidden, and that was where Mercury suspected they were hiding the artifact she was looking for, an item of interest to her and to Silver Wolf. Unfortunately, the artifact had been stolen before Mercury or any of the Hunters could get to it, while it was being transported to a museum here in Oak Town. Word on the street was that Black Sun had been the ones to steal it, which meant that it was probably back at their base. What easier way to find it than to let herself be “captured”, after flashing around some of her fancy tech that she figured would catch their interest? Now all she had to do was let them cart her back to their lair… and then the real fun would begin.

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    Valentri Fontane
    Valentri Fontane

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    Treasures of Old Empty Re: Treasures of Old

    Post by Valentri Fontane 17th June 2021, 4:05 am

    Oak Town. It was a strange place to be, primarily because he was out of his element. Though, there were plenty of other things that caused this little – or big, depending on one’s perception – town to be strange. People were nice and helpful, children didn’t seem to have a care in the world, everyone seemed happy.

    Why is that a reason for the town to be weird? Valentri thought to himself as he walked along a sidewalk.

    One of the helpful residents had pointed him in the direction of the nearest general goods store where he would hopefully be able to find a map of not only the town, so he could better find his way around this far-too-nice of a place, but also a map of the surrounding areas. Take a left at the … at the what? What monument?

    He looked around, confused and lost. There was no monument that he could see. Maybe the directions he got were bunk.

    No, definitely not. The homeless man would never lie to him about directions to the general store for some money.

    “Excuse me, sir!” Valentri called out to the nearest elderly man he could find. “I’m looking for the general goods store. Would you happen to know where….

    The old man interrupted, “Yessir, if’ns you’d look past yer nose, ya’d see it right in front of ya…” he paused, then muttered, “Ya nimrod…

    And as sure as the sky was blue… hopefully, the goods store was right in front of him. A little down the ways and at the end of the street, but it was certainly in front of him. “Ah, thank you, kind sir! You’re a gentleman and a scholar!


    With a jolt, Valentri meandered along the sidewalk toward the general goods store. Finally, a lead. Things were finally looking up for him! Why dally? He needed that map and fast. “Nothin’ is ‘bout to stop me,” he talked to himself as though he were his own personal audience. Which, in reality, he was.


    What, a girl’s not allowed to walk down a sketchy alley….

    Nope. Certainly not,” he answered as he walked along the sidewalk, answering the woman who had apparently been hit, but he didn’t realize it. Nor did he realize she wasn’t actually talking to him.

    This here’s quite the bit of tech. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it, not even outta Bosco. Where’d you get it?”

    You bet’cha. Ain’t nobody seen that kind of tech ‘round…” he continued to have that conversation as he crossed over the alleyway and onto the sidewalk.

    I made it.

    That so? You make a lot of stuff like this, then?

    And more.

    Finally, something sparked his attention. He paused, turned about and looked around the corner into the alleyway, peeking his head around as subtly as possible which wasn’t subtle at all, actually. “Tech? Weapon?” it piqued his interest. Would some woman, getting her ass handed to her, really have the mystically magical item of great importance? Why didn’t she use it? Was it even something worth noting? Probably not.

    But he listened intently anyway.

    …Throw her in the car, boys. I think the boss’ll be very interested in our new friend and her work.

    A kidnapping? In broad daylight? Oh, now this was getting out of hand. Someone should do something! Someone should SURELY do something. But who? Who would possibly be the person to go after the woman being kidnapped?

    How unfortunate,” he thought. But someone should.

    As unfortunate as it may have been, he knew that he had to do something. Not save the girl, but follow them... or... as dumb as it may be, get captured alongside her. "What's life without adventure?" he asked himself.

    Bursting around the corner, he yelled out at them. "Get your hands off my princess!"

    Princess? That's the best you could come up with? His mind raced with options. "I mean... my girlfriend! Wait. Are we married?" he asked her as he ran up to the group. He had no weapons, and he was sure to get his ass beat. But, if he could follow along with them, and not be brutally murdered in the process... well, all the more power to him, right?

    "Leave my Kitten Doodle alone!" he yelled again. Running at them with all of the rage that a crippled baby tortoise could muster.

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