♥Appraising the Treasures♥


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    ♥Appraising the Treasures♥

    Post by Theo on 16th June 2018, 11:54 pm

    Heart Color Reference:

    = Regret

    = Fear

    = Hatred

    = Disgust

    = Dislike

    = Unease

    = Neutral

    = Acquaintance

    = Friend

    = Close Friend

    = Crush

    = Platonic Love

    = Romantic Love

    = Family Or Considered Family

    = Respect

    = Trust



    Rin Mayou -
    "Rin is my person. She's the best, and she's so cute! How can something so cute be so unintentionally sexy? Her innocence is a challenge sometimes for me, especially since she has a tendency to say things in ways that are very tempting...but I know she doesn't mean it that way. But...maybe one day, she will? We've both got some crazy stuff in our pasts, and we've promised to love each other through it no matter what. We promised to never leave over something our old selves did. I really, really need that. She makes me feel like I'm worth something, and I think I'd be devastated if she took it away."

    Lester Drynedi -
    "Lester! He's my best friend and always brings me the most delicious foods and candies. We hang out a lot, and that's not even counting the jobs the Sugar Squad takes on. He didn't judge me when he found out my secret, and really I couldn't ask for a better guy to be my butt brother! It is a little confusing, though...because he really does have a nice butt..."

    Aura Sparks -
    "We're in the same guild and I went on one mission with her so far. I was a little worried because she didn't say much in the five day boat ride, and honestly seemed to space out in the middle of fighting for our lives in the ocean. But she's got some pretty shiny keys that summon stuff to fight for her, so that's pretty cool in my book."

    Elvira Arcade -
    "THIS WOMAN! She's Rin's roommate now, she's basically an alcoholic, and now things are complicated because she confessed all this deeply emotional stuff about being jealous of me for some reason and also is a little attracted to my butt... But seriously... she called me a cut-rate tomb raider!"

    Vhesira Lithvir -
    "She seemed so shy and timid about joining. We brought her to laughter, but I hope we didn't come on too strong."

    Natsuzora -
    "This guy fell on me, out of the clear night sky. I almost died! Despite the lowkey hostility, he seems quiet and an alright dude. So far he seems to really keep to himself, so I don't know much about him."

    Aerith Sinclair -
    "She had such a pretty emerald brooch~"

    Axilmeus Steel -
    "Suit. Of. Armor. That's all I know."

    Teufel "Grub" Jägerin -
    "This guy has an odd nickname, some...er... interesting companions. Other than that, the guy doesn't seem to talk much."

    Sayrn Firrion -
    "Sayrn seems nice enough. She's got a spider-y thing going for her that makes my skin crawl, and she's got a few cobwebs in her past...but let's be honest, so do I. I'm all for getting to know her and forgivin"

    Haru Ardere Reyold -
    "This guy was a total weirdo. Came for a random visit while our ship was in the air, then got all righteously indignant when our radiant guild master knocked out a Savage Skull punk that was tagging our buildings and scaring the civilians. It's not like Desirée killed him."

    Atuzite Fumus -
    "This Savage Skull punk spray painted our buildings and then shot up a death eater-esque flare. A terrorist, though a rather weak one. He yelled some pretty nasty things about my friends and my home, so I hope his flea-bitten butt rots in our brig."

    Mura Kensho -
    "This was a random Fairy Tail visitor from the incident on the ship. He was suspiciously interested in Lester's lemon candies. How dare he."

    Desirée Blooms -
    "She...uh, she's our guild master...and an idol whose worth to the world intimidates me a bit. If I could only amount to half of the things she is...whew."

    Erika Nightshade -
    "Silent and scary."

    Astrid Foss -
    "Astrid is a Wizard Saint and one of the guild aces. Another person of worth that makes me uncomfortable, yet inspires me. I don't know her very well, but I did see her in her pajamas with a suspiciously stained plushie, so that must count for something."


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