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    Simple as punching holes

    Miku Kensho
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    Simple as punching holes Empty Simple as punching holes

    Post by Miku Kensho 28th January 2021, 9:08 pm

    "All a matter of timing and scripting, as well as some of the genuine article." Miku said to herself cross legged on a tree branch overlooking the house of Stephen Goodwill as she watched the results of her  effort yield results. Miku was no stranger to manipulating several series of events to orchestrate an outcome, anyone who dabbles in temporal mechanics understands the basic premise of cause and effect. Miku learned that same logic applies to everything, especially social situations, and breaking down one's status in a social setting without a clear sign of fraud or framing requires just a bit of patience. Miku first did some recon and took information from Thomas's grunts studying the family and finding the easiest path to break down the fortress of their name, finding an Achilles heel in their own monotony. Stephen always took the same route every day to work, his wife Helga had her own routine working with various charities and meetings, their daughter Lindsay was a star soccer player at her all girl's school and a spoken activist for fair play and against drugs, her brother Brendan attended a rather elite school himself and was a well respected student.

    Miku studied the various routes and found something interesting, Stephen's daily route was along the delivery route of a drug dealer. Miku's plan had several points, with Lindsay becoming the lynchpin to burn down the family. In the cover of night Miku snuck into the various offices of Goodwill, church, and the various charities they attended and altered books so it appeared as though they were receiving less and on the Goodwill's watch jewels were gone and unaccounted for. Afterwards Miku stole the jewels and found the delivery guy's hideout, using a magical disguise to appear as Goodwill hiding himself, and requested the next day he be delivered it discretely, before putting a word out to the Rune Knights that a witness saw Goodwill ordering the drugs in such a manner and information about the drop, and not only that but he had promised to help keep them operating so long as he gets the prime stuff, and in agreement he'd receive the rest of his order the next day. Which lead to the day of, a succesful chain of events that would ensure the client gets exactly what they want, at a price. 

    Miku watched as Stephen was getting ready to live the house, while Lindsay was drinking down the contents of one of her protean shakes, laced with Excel, a rather potent drug that Miku already stored around the house in hidden pockets that were hidden well enough that only an expert could find them and believe they were to be well hidden. Miku knew well that Lindsay took three shakes a day, but two would be more then enough. The contents she put into one bottle will make her appear unnaturally irradiated and energetic, but the pre game bottle is what she is relying on. From what she heard recently, Lindsay's team was on a bit of a losing streak. Miku knew she'd catch up with her later as she began to follow Stephen from the rooftops, going about his daily routine unaware there were undercover Rune Knights following him. Miku found it laughable how easy it was to get the sheep to follow the bait she laid out.

    Coming down the streets was the delivery guy right on cue, caught slipping the package of powder right into Goodwell's pocket from behind, as he turned around he accidentally made eye contact with the Rune Knights who chased after before seeing what the delivery guy was doing and acted surprised and outraged, seemingly only so after knowing they were being followed. The delivery individual and Goodwill were arrested on the spot. However Miku was not done quite yet as she only had Goodwill in a position that would be hard to get out of, not impossible. After watching his very public arrest, she left the area and knew that she had a good, solid plan for how to fully cast his name to the dark wolves of rumors. 

    Miku quickly made her way across town towards Lindsay's school, where she disguised herself under an alias, posing as a journalist who was supposed to be starting to write articles regarding up and coming athletes, especially since the school's rival's team was also said to be there, Captained by Lacey Stone, daughter of Thomas Stone. Miku started by casually mentioning Lacey trash talking Lindsay to Lindsay, even comparing to their fathers, as the drugs started to work on the girl. Miku knew what she was doing as she could practically smell the anger leaking off of Lindsay, she knew that all she had to do was sit back and watch the fireworks as her work would reveal itself. Miku sat by the sidelines pretending to be a journalist taking notes as she watched the opening of the game, speech about rules regarding magic and sports etiquette.  

    Miku watched the game as Lindsay's team seemed to make a sudden comeback from their losing streak as from the get-go they had the advantage as they were winning the game. Miku could tell that Lindsay was getting progressively more aggressive which each of the rare times the opposing team scored, she waited for the results of her action. She could sense the tensions rising and smiled as she could tell Lindsay was at the breaking point. Quickly at the climax of the game, Lacey blocked Lindsay which triggered a period of rage that turned from name calling into a brutal assault of intense proportions, ending with Lindsay beating Lacey down onto the ground brutally, breaking several ribs before she was pulled away. The game was immediately cancelled and the horrified audience was left in a great deal of shock and confusion before being slowly ushered out of the property. All the while Miku was smirking as she had watched the domino effect of her actions come into effect. 

    Once she snuck away from the crowd she managed to stealthily make her way through the streets as she knew she succeeded, even going further then what the client wanted and making the client suffer along the way. Once on her one she returned to a motel where she caught up on some sleep, she knew nothing more needed her direct supervision nor did she have any interest in watching as she knew the series of events. While Goodwill was under arrest for possession of an illegal drug, his daughter would be held by the school administration for assault and suspicion of drug use, which would have to be reported to the authorities the moment she came back positive. Even the most hestitant of Rune Knights would be forced to make a thorough investigation without being able to give the Goodwills the benefit of the doubt, and once they search the house they'd find not only hidden drugs in the house, but Lindsay's special drinks spiked with drugs. Considering the gently altered ledgers among the various organizations, it would be hard, but not totally impossible for the Goodwill family to be cleared, but even then they'd need a skilled lawyer. Regardless she knew that once the stories inevitably got out, no one would be able to trust the family again, no one would want to endorse Stephen Goodwill.

    A few hours passed before Miku would wake up in the midst of the evening as she would sneak out of the motel and through the streets as she would approach the Stone residence. She knew what she was getting into and prepared herself for what was to come, she knew Thomas wasn't going to be happy as his precious daughter got hurt in the process. However Miku deliberately set this up to teach Thomas a lesson in greed, and to pick his words carefully when he says he'd do anything to get what he wanted. While she studied the Goodwills, she also made sure to study the Stones, picking the opportune moment to sneak into Thomas's study through an open window next to a lattice. "Does he even want to be secure? This is practically a easy access for assassins." She thought as climbed into the window, activating her clock dress in the process as she would sit in a leather chair as she sat back, listening to the chaos as she heard yelling and crying from the family downstairs. The Stones relatives were over in support awaiting news of Lacey's condition, confusion and cursing out the Goodwills as some suspect that it was the political rivalry that made Lindsay act in such a way.

    Miku waited for an hour before Thomas managed to break away from the family, leaving towards his study only to look in horror and anger as the middle aged man looked at her sly smile as he flicked on the lights. "You!" He said gritting his teeth, in response Miku gently put her finger to her lips and shushed the man. "I wouldn't raise your voice if I were you, After all didn't you pay a dark wizard for a dark job? I'm sure your family would love to find me in here meeting with you." She said calmly, the man begrudgingly agreed and closed the door behind him. "What the hell did you do? Mind control half of Crocus?" He asked confused as to what she did. "My informants and Campaign crew told me that in addition to my daughter being assaulted by the Goodwill daughter, Stephen was arrested for possession and when their house was raided, they found ample sources of enhancing drugs in their house, and common theory is that the Goodwills were paying for it with stolen money from charities."

    Miku rolled her eyes as she looked rather bored from the incredibly over the top theory as she was trying to figure out what this man really knew of magic. "Nah, nothing that over the top, merely a bit of tampering with records, and analyzing patterns before connecting coincidences. It was by some luck that Stephen and a drug dealer naturally have the same route, so all I needed was to make a few whispers here and there, and let paranoia do the rest. Social standing is so fragile, once paranoia sets in, it is damaged forever. Magic was, unnecessary for any critical part this. Might have helped sure, but it was society that did all the heavy lifting." She said leaning back as she watched the confliction within Thomas fester, a man who had gotten exactly what he wanted but it paid a huge price. "Did you have to hurt my daughter? That was not part of the deal! That crossed a line. I swear I'll-"

    Miku stood up giggling a bit as she maintained eye contact with a air of power and dominance that made Thomas step back nervously. "You'll what? Go to the authorities? I hid my tracks well, only way you'd be able to implicate me is if you admit it yourself, and you'd go down. Come after me with another dark mage and every bit of intel gets out while I'll be sipping a mimosa on a private beach thanks to all the hush money you'll be paying me, while you'll be sipping poisoned coffee from that little stand on Stone and Sixth and reading about the dead body of a dark wizard you payed to kill me, or maybe it'll be that the gargoyle on that old church finally snaps and falls, crushing your head while you hear about the assassin on the news during your walk home, who knows, maybe that butcher shop your wife likes to pick up food at will have a contamination issue that wouldn't be clear till it was too late. Face it Stone, you're my bitch at this moment. You told me you'd do anything, and now you complain when your daughter got a little banged up to get what you want?" She said approaching the man with a smirk. She knew that by manipulating a few elements she now had a lot of power at her disposal. The politician clenched his fist but he knew it would do no good. "You're the devil." He said defeatedly and angrily, which seemed to make Miku roll her eyes. "Mother would just kill both you and Goodwill, and your families, a deal with her is a bad position true, but I am a bit more, sophisticated, I prefer the long game, but a pawn doesn't need to know their queen's motive."

    Thomas would relent as he listened, now fearful for his own life as Miku clearly shown her skills to not be implicated and still manage to inflict harm from the shadows. He would return to his desk and pull out a stack of Jewels and toss it to Miku. "You sure this will not trace back to me or harm my candidacy." Miku smiled as she would look walk around the room. "You poor fool, I just served you the job, for the next month headlines will slam Goodwill through the shredder, leaving you the grieving and outraged parent of a victim. Sympathy is already flooding your way. Play the part Thomas, offer sympathy towards victims of assault and drugs, sponsor a rehab or two, while at the same time every one of Goodwill's supporters will have to back out at some point, for various reasons. By the time election day comes, Goodwill will be out, for good. Lacey got a bit hurt, but she'll recover, and let me tell you, coming back from a savage attack will make her look better. face it, you got off great considering everything."

    Thomas listened intently to what was being said, and he started to see the logic in Miku's plan and how she practically secured his success and made it hard to look at him as a villain in the eyes of the public. However he knew that the more her plan succeeded, the more he would be wrapped around her finger. He knew that he was trapped for stepping so far into the darkness. "Where does that leave us, Miss Mythica?" Miku began to approach the window as she tucked away the jewels she got from the job as she looked back at the man. Obviously she didn't use her own name and her own likeness can get intertwined with her mothers to a point where if she used her name on a dark job, it would be hard to distinguish her from her mother so using her name just made a bit more sense. "Well for starters if you couldn't guess when I compared you to a pawn, this is more of a 'when I need you to do something you do it' type of deal, I'll make my wishes known clear and sparse, no one will know  or trace anything to us. For now, just do what you want to, not like it'll hurt me in the long run. However if you do hear anything about me, whether I have just one yellow eye or two, shut it down or encourage it to be brushed under the table."

    Miku approached the window before leaping from the window ledge, grabbing a tree branch, before climbing up atop before she would start to jump from tree to tree, before getting onto a building and would begin to run across a few building tops before jumping down, her clock dress fading midair as her normal clothing restored. She sighed as she walked through the streets of the capital as she was making her way for an escape. She knew that what she did could in turn benefit her mother, however she used Mythica's name to just burn down a good man's name so they are even in her mind.  "Well, that was honestly well done. Hate that I had to put a good man down and give that pig power, but at the same time I have power over him... and I solidified the events for you, my love..." She said as she pulled out a photo from her pocket, it was one of Miku sitting on the lap of a man, her arms wrapped around him smiling looking into his eyes. "We may never have that again, but at least you'll have a chance with someone else. How is it Mother gets the same love every time, but I am doomed to fail with repetition?" She said sighing. "I need a drink."

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