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    Simple Patrol 1


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    Simple Patrol 1 Empty Simple Patrol 1

    Post by Hinata 9th June 2020, 7:39 am


    Guard duty. The job wasn’t that surprising to her because she was pretty decent at walking around and doing patrols. Her job was simple. Go around and prevent trouble in this troubled area of this neighborhood. It was really simple because just the word that she was going to be wandering about and keeping her eye out was enough for people that would cause trouble to just pick something else to do for the day. It was a relatively fun time today, walking around. Lots of people said hi to her and asked her about what her plans for the rest of the day were. It was kind of suspicious, no lie. She didn’t divulge any information because she didn’t want to end up telling someone the wrong thing and getting punished for it down the road. Here she had to assume that everyone was against her, even if she didn’t have any real animosity towards the people here. She just had to keep walking around and making sure that people didn’t commit crimes. Easy right? She’d nearly gone an entire hour without finding anything but then she came across the realization that something was happening down the street. Were people conveying her location and coordinating their crimes when she wasn’t around? That wasn’t going to fly.  

    It made her furrow her brow and run down the street just in time to see a handful of people gathered around and dealing drugs to some people. Drugs? Did she really care about drugs? She wasn’t up to date on local laws and rules or whatever. But she shrugged and confiscated it all nonetheless. It wasn’t like they were going to put up a fight with someone who was hired to be here and enforce laws. She took the drugs to an office where the law enforcement stayed and handed it off to them. They were thankful and incinerated the drugs in a furnace that released a black smoke into the air. Whatever, environment be damned she guessed. She let out a sigh and continued with her day walking around patrolling. Not many people were out dealing drugs. In fact none at all were dealing drugs anymore in this neighborhood. Apparently any other person would have maybe taken some, not all of the drugs. She guessed she got a reputation about being a hard ass in just a few hours. She shrugged at that too. What did she care? She didn’t find much other trouble before lunch other than a fist fight that gbroke out that she had to address. She simply threw rocks at them until they decided to just move their fight somewhere else instead of a public park. She didn’t care if they fought down… like in the sewers. But in a public area? That’s a hard pass. Well it was bout time for her break. She knew that she would continue doing more guard work later but she’d done enough for now to get at least some compensation or another.  

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