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    Reborn Spirit: Soul Fusion

    Miku Kensho
    Miku Kensho

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    Reborn Spirit: Soul Fusion Empty Reborn Spirit: Soul Fusion

    Post by Miku Kensho 20th February 2021, 3:43 am


    Magic Name: Reborn Spirit: Soul Fusion
    Magic Type: Takeover (Primary), Requip (Aux),
    Description: Daughter of a shaman lineage, Miku was born with an innate connection to spirits in addition to her maternal side's connection to spacetime, and being taught by both has given her a unique combination. When it comes to her Shaman lineage, Miku has been taught the way of souls and how to conjure spirits, and even how to take it a step further. Using her own Spirit, Magic, and sometimes her own blood as a medium, she can draw upon a specific soul's power, and at this point she can either draw in other spirits and take form, molding the soul into a powerful piece of equipment, or merge the soul into her own body and gain the form and natural powers of the soul. The Spirits Miku have had bound to her were originally lost to their own native timelines, and wander the abyss between worlds and time, and thus allow Miku to always find them through their connection and can draw them to her, or they can find her at any point either wants.

    Miku's primary use of this is to either have an arsenal of tools that cover a variety of situations, and should those fail have a variety of augmentations to fall back on. On the other hand Miku could use the augmentations to her own body to help adapt herself to the environment around her as she can thrive under even the harshest of conditions.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Redress: As her clock dress is a part of her soul, it alters itself to befit the new form and becomes a part of her, gaining her an added boost to her strength and speed in the process.
    • Spiritual Relief: While her magic is remarkable, it is still the power of a Shaman, thus attacks are more effective against spirits and undead.
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