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    Gawdwyn's Normal Day


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    Completed Gawdwyn's Normal Day

    Post by Gawdwyn 23rd January 2021, 4:05 am

    For all intents and purposes venturing into oak town with smoothness for finishing the past, on the whole, wretched demand, Gawdwyn fundamentally didn`t certainly think he`d principally run over another... One of these. Presently, everything was clearly fundamentally disordered: with individuals in general shouting and sort of going around with their as of now substantially being-demolished homes. Perhaps, quite possibly, Gawdwyn wasn`t intended to kind of come here all things chiefly considered? He almost always dismissed, carefully particularly holding his sack, and elementally was indeed prepared to stroll back... Possibly usually return home to his manor, lastly, make harmony to his scumbag dead family. Just in the wake of dismissing, he literally was pushed off by an arbitrary resident who substantially was actually running for their security, with no care about how the others would notably feel. In fact "shit..."; Gawdwyn truly contemplated internally, effectively discovering his equilibrium definitely balancing one foot, at that point literally brushing the shoulder that specifically was peculiarly hit by the principally terrified resident. Actually following, yelling about a type of abundance usually got Gawdwyn`s ear... Abundance implies definitely bounty, normally isn`t that so? That would mainly be specifically useful it particularly is specially said that there surely were three giants. Easy. Furthermore, this would principally be fundamentally helpful on the grounds that while he actually elementally has some time on his get-away, notably simple speedy money would mean some especially great time sometime in the evening at an inn with a delightful beauty in his arms.

    The presence of this representative was outrageously like the blue-bloods he has found before, giving Gawdwyn a severe taste upon his lips. He was holding a paper out, utilizing enchantment to intensify his declarations. Gawdwyn couldn't dissect what precisely he was stating, yet what Gawdwyn eye got was a sight of a Giant, who was presently going to the two of them. It was by all accounts mostly focusing on the representative that seems to be like family on his observation, who was directly before Gawdwyn. Along these lines, the kid charged in, grasping the representative with one arm while the other held out his index finger, breathing through it without trusting that the wizardry circle will appear, hence delivering eruptions of flames, and Gawdwyn didn't stop until this Giant being had totally quit moving. When taking enough harm, the animal just halted, and neither Gawdwyn nor the representative had the opportunity to respond, so they just gestured at one another, as though concurring unto something.

    Gawdwyn then saw a bit of movement from the giant. IT was barely alive and unexpectedly. The giant gave out a loud yell. This wasn't like it was in pain like before. This was entirely something else. From what Gawdwyn is observing,, it seemed like it was a call. And of course, he turns to be right.


    With cries and screaming, the citizens panicked as two more giants came and they looked pissed. All the giant males have one thing in common. Actually a few things in common and the obvious. Their size that topples over houses and trees but it is their ugliness that can't take Gawdwyn's eyes off them. They are immensely ugly. The two giants were raging and rushing over to Gawdwyn with their large weapons. The weapons they have looked like it was made of scrap. You can see different materials of metal on both weapons. One giant was using a long sword and the other was holding an ax..

    The giant with the especially long sword literally swung his weapon with an overhand swing, strikingly trying to almost always cut him in half. But Gawdwyn honestly was elementally fast on his feet. Apparently, the giants chiefly are certainly dumb as they are ugly. All it especially took principally was for gawdwyn to exceptionally do a side step to elementally avoid the giant`s for all intents and purposes long sword of scrap from mainly cutting him in half. Then with finesse and dexterity, Gawdwyn distinctly was in general able to indeed climb up the sword and into the giant's arm. This predominantly is where things got bloody. After scaling up the giant`s sword and arm, he jumped up to its head, and right before he can react, Gawdwyn usually punished through its predominantly right eye with his chiefly right fist. The mainly giant with the sword, in general, was in so indeed much pain that he principally dropped it and staggered in agony. While gawdwyn fairly was about to specifically get caught, he generally climbed up the head of the main giant and indeed started certainly doing hammer fists at the back of the head. The giant normally was still in pain because of the punch gawdwyn did in his eye. The essentially giant with the ax truly saw his opportunity and tried to cut Gawdwyn by actually attacking his blind spot. Gawdwyn saw the giant with the ax with his peripheral vision predominantly trying to remarkably do a horizontal slash with his ax. Gawdwyn surely jumped back and certainly leaped towards the giant with the ax.

    Unintentionally, the Giant with the ax killed his own ally because of his ally moving around and not standing still AND also because fo one being in agony and the other still in blinding rage. However, The giant with the ax saw this opening and kicked Gawdwyn while he was airborne (to be more accurate, it was more like a Sparta Kick). Gawdwyn was sent flying to a few tries. HE eventually stopped at one by some park area in the town. Around him, there were a few bodies that were dead. Some families, women, and children. That really just pissed him off. There was a sword That was near a dead soldier. Gawdwyn took it as he heard loud stomping noises. It was clear that was the giant wanting to finish him off and avenge his allies. IF there was anything good that comes out of this is that he is gonna meet them soon. Gawdwyn faced the rampaging giant and stood his ground.

    The giant tried to do a horizontal slash with his giant ax low to the ground on Gawdwyns level. Gawdwyn did a front jump flip to dodge the attack. Then With the sword, Gawdwyn swung it at the left foot's ankle of the Giant. This made the Giant lose balance and then while kneeling trying to turn around to kill his prey, Gawdwyn then pierced the bottom spine of the Giant. The giant fell backward knot knowing why he can't feel anything below his waist. Gawdwyn then sidestepped back and one side step while he extended his arm with the sword. The giant falling had its neck split.

    Gawdwyn walked away to find an in thinking that he is gonna need a bath to wash all the blood on his clothes while he hears coughing from a distance. It is the giant coughing blood while trying to move. The people that died were avenged in the most savage way.


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