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    Phoebe Suede


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    Phoebe Suede Empty Phoebe Suede

    Post by Musicalbunny 4th January 2021, 11:36 pm

    Phoebe Suede

    Phoebe Suede 7292159









    Special Characteristics:  



    Phoebe was raised to be a lot kinder of a person than she currently is. She learned the meanings behind manners, straight posture, etc. She was kind to every person she came across, and made sure that every kid within her town were given the candy that she could create with her magic. Some might say that these things were natural for a little girl. In reality, it was out of hope for a happy life. A life that could avoid any heartache that may come to her or her family. Though, like most people, she wasn't able to live without a bit of pain in her life. It all ended with the suffering of her parents, and a lust for revenge. Which, she understands could've all easily been avoided.
    When Phoebe had turned 16, her parents had received some unwarranted attention from a mage that dreamed of wealth. For some reason, he believed that Phoebe's parents were the wealthiest in town. He demanded that they give all their savings to him, but they refused. What they didn't quite realize, was that the man would do anything to live a relaxed life. So much so, that he used magic to curse the parents, binding it with a restriction that stopped the removal of the curse without a sum of money. From then on, they would live the lives that 90 year olds would face. Not only this, but the diseases that came along with it. At that point in her life, Phoebe had plans to join a legal guild to face the evils of the world. Instead, she had to take care of the parents who provided so much to her. Every time she begged them to give over the money they were threatened for, but they simply shook their heads no. It took 5 years before both of them had died, and 6 before Phoebe realized that they could never have fulfilled the requirements for the curse. They just simply never had it. The things they had in their home were all given to them by friends because of their kindness to others, rather than through their jobs. They understood that a man that could resort to curses would never be reasoned with, and they didn't want to give Phoebe hope that they could. However, with their deaths, they instead gave Phoebe a reason to seek vengeance through other means.
    From then on, she decided to make those that valued money above all else see it differently. She wanted to try and disprove the idea that money is more valuable than life. For some, she was able to do it in more valiant ways, but there were points in her life where she had gained the ability to stoop lower. She has inflicted violence onto people in order to prove her point. Though, that isn't to say she lives a lifestyle bound with no riches. Her main career is as a treasure hunter, making sure that the riches she gains doesn't get into the hands of those that can exploit it. She does her best to spend as much of it as she can, whether it be used as tools for herself, or trading chips for luxuries. She hopes to stop the possibility of people gaining riches from treasures before they start. This, is why she has decided to partner with Silver Wolf. A guild that would help to fund her ideas, as well as fulfilling the goals she has planned. She is willing to get dirty if it means that a better cause is waiting at the end of it.
    As a guild member, she holds herself to the standards that her parents had given to her. She makes sure to keep her manners, hold her posture up, and talk eloquently enough to get things done. However, she has gained new traits as well. Rather than being absolutely kind to all she comes across, she instead reserves that kindness to her friends/allies. Those that try to demean her ideals instead get a stern talk. She is willing to talk people down that deserve it, because it would be a disservice to all those she seeks to protect.
    When she is on duty, however, she will bite her tongue whenever any ally becomes openly distasteful. She understands the need to wait out arguments in order to be productive in the task at hand. Due to the nature of her magic, she has the ability to observe the field before her. This makes her an extremely good scout for both leadership and following. She doesn't allow for emotions to ruin her job, because they definitely didn't do too well for her parents. Their inability to try because of preconceived notions is something she would never forgive. Even though it was unlikely that the mage would've budged in their stead, she wished they could've tried. That is why she does everything absolutely necessary to succeed.


    -Sweets: Its quite obvious that Phoebe loves sweets. Even though she has the ability to create it, she has always found that desserts or candies bought from a store or served in a restaurant were the best kind of sweets. Most times, they are even able to calm her down.

    -Winning: Phoebe is quite a competitive person. She values herself by her ability to succeed. Any loss on her part means that she isn't quite the person she thinks she is.

    -Butterflies: The day Phoebe's parents died, she remembered seeing a butterfly land on the window to her house. Ever since then, they have become a reminder for the people she's seeking vengeance for. It keeps her sane knowing that they are at peace in an afterlife with no worries.


    -Being Oblivious: Phoebe hates not being able to know everything. She prides herself on having knowledge as a treasure hunter. So, to be left out of the loop in any situation takes a hit on her self esteem.

    -Darkness: Along with the dislike above, Phoebe hates the darkness because of 2 things. It makes her job as a shooter harder, and it also presents people inside of it with unknown threats. That may be why she always keeps her nightlight with her.

    -Loud Noises: Phoebe may shoot a gun that is very loud, but she has never really been able to get settled with extremely loud noises. They can make her jump and feel anxious at times. So, she wears earplugs, hoping that she can rely on her sight and magic sensory instead.



    -Vengeance: Phoebe has become a mix between both a treasure and bounty hunter, taking on jobs that suit her purpose of avenging her parents. She understands that some of the things she does can be considered evil, but she likes to stray away from those thoughts. Instead, relying on using the term "morally grey." At times, its what keeps her sane.  

    -Removing All Treasure: Phoebe does her best to contain as much treasure as she can hold, spending it whenever she can or donating it to Silver Wolf itself. She understands that the value put on treasure is high, so letting it get into any hand she doesn't trust is a sign of trouble. She does not want currency to equal power, and the best way to do that is by leveling the playing field.

    -Surpassing the Wealthy: The wealthy have power because of their money. Phoebe never wants to gain strength through those means. She wants to gain power because she is training, succeeding, etc. She wants to prove that wealth does not equal strength. Sometimes you are able to get by on pure willpower alone.  


    -Losing: Phoebe's biggest fear is to lose. Most times, her ego is extremely fragile. Losing can sometimes accentuate these feelings, and they can cause her to go into bouts of depression. She needs to succeed out of the duty she set out for herself.

    -Settling: Phoebe fears settling for less than what she started out with. Every single day, she doubts whether her mission is sustainable or possible, and she hates herself for it. She has to believe that it can work, or else it won't work. She knows that, yet she doesn't understand why she continues to have those nagging thoughts.

    -Suffering: The last thing Phoebe fears, is death. She doesn't understand why people are scared of it. When she saw her parents die, she felt relief. They had suffered for so long due to their curse, and Phoebe watched it all happen. Yet, they didn't plead or beg for their lives to be saved. Instead, they silently passed away without leaving Phoebe with full closure.




    145 lbs  




    Skin Tone:  




    Silver Wolf  


    On the top of her left hand. A vibrant purple spreads throughout the head of the wolf, as yellow specks dot fur.  

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    Post by Mura Kensho 29th January 2022, 2:59 am




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    Post by Medeia 30th January 2022, 10:54 am


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