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    A Friend In Need

    Cordelia Beaumont
    Cordelia Beaumont

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    A Friend In Need Empty A Friend In Need

    Post by Cordelia Beaumont 9th December 2020, 8:07 am

    Once you find your light, I'm sure it will lead you back here.
    There was something absolutely wonderful about living on a ship that had its own forest! There were no words to describe it beyond beautifully, amazingingly spectacular. Cordelia put down the rest of her stuff on the ground and gave a small squeal of delight as she looked around the forested area, mouth agape and in wonder. She’d seen trees before of course but these were new ones; ones that were growing out of the back of an airship that looked like a turtle. Oh she was going to be filling page after page with words when she sat down to write to her parents. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out a small mallet and turned her attention back to the fitted sheet lying on the ground with strings hanging all about it.

    “Right. Let’s get to it!” she proclaimed to herself as she marched forward and got to work. It would only take her a few moments to hammer in the nails into the ground and pitch the tent into the perfect placement. She took an extra couple of minutes smoothing out the walls of the cream colored linen so that it looked nice and clean. Then she tied the door open so she could start transferring her stuff inside, rolling out and inflating her mattress in the far corner. The last thing she did was use some of the nearby stones to form a firepit, a place where she could cook and keep herself warm during the cool, winter nights. Luckily she had packed loads of blankets as well to help with any cold that may await her!

    Once she had finished setting up, she took a couple steps back to admire the view. “Now that’s what I call a campsite!” she said with a triumphant laugh. True, Meliora members had plenty of empty houses to choose from all over the Arborium. Master Dagda had certainly prepared the ship with a fair number of structures so that any members that joined would have a place to rest and recuperate. And she did consider them but they were all so… well, not as adventurous! It was almost like she had come to a foreign land and lucked into a luxury apartment through connections or monetary means. Some people were fine with that but not Cordelia -- she had spent the first couple of days in Fiore camping out and she intended to continue that trend here! Besides, it allowed her to stay close to the wonderful, natural world that lay upon the top of the ship without the barrier of walls and floors.

    Cordelia thrust the small mallet back into her purse and placed her hands on her hips, admiring the view of her campsite and the treeline just beyond it. It was in this moment of appreciation that she heard the sound of some kind of animal, a whimpering mewl that sounded pained and agonized. The girl’s brow furrowed in concern as she looked around, her eyes squinting to look around for the source. Curious, she wandered past her tent and into the wooded area, looking around bushes and tree trunks for whatever had sounded so pained. “Hey there! No need to be scared. My name is Cordelia. You sound like you’re in a little bit of trouble so I just wanted to come and check on you,” the young woman called out to the forested area. She waited for a moment until she heard another whimper, closer to her now.

    She came around a tree and found a bear cub, a tiny little ball of fur who looked emaciated and hungry. It was lying on the ground, unable to keep itself up and had resorted to crying out for help. “Oh you poor thing,” Cordelia cooed as she knelt down before the creature, stroking its fur. It weakly looked up at her and moaned softly. “Something must have happened to your mother if you’re this hungry,” she said, glancing around the immediate area. She couldn’t see anything but there was no telling where the cub had traveled from or where its former mother could be. It had been left to fend for itself without ever really learning to do so. It was a truly heartbreaking fate and frankly, one that Cordelia wouldn’t allow. While she respected the circle of life, she also believed that Mother Earthland guided beings to one another so that they could help one another. And clearly it was her duty to help the cub.

    She reached down and picked up the cub in her arms, cradling it gently. “Don’t worry, little one. We’ll bring you down to the medical bay and have you checked out and fed. I’m sure you’re going to eat like a little maniac to fill that little belly of yours,” Cordelia explained as she turned back the way she had come, now carrying the cub with her. As she walked through the woods and across the fields, she talked to the creature, its little eyes barely open but transfixed on her and her words. Despite the precarious situation for the creature, the woman never lost her smile, encouraging the bear to have hope as she walked down into the ship portion of her home. The medical bay was on the third floor and she received a few odd looks as she passed by but only out of surprise. A few people asked her what was going on and she calmly explained what had happened, earning lots of love and scratches for the little cub.

    Once she arrived at the bay, she handed the creature over to the staff but it started grunting and moaning softly, trying to wriggle out of their grip. Cordelia smiled and asked if she could stay for a bit, to make sure the cub ate and felt more comfortable. Luckily the staff understood and was more than welcoming. And the bear managed to calm down…

    Well, at least until food was put in front of it. Then, just like she predicted, he went to town. What a little rascal!
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