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    Cordelia Beaumont

    Cordelia Beaumont
    Cordelia Beaumont

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    Cordelia Beaumont Empty Cordelia Beaumont

    Post by Cordelia Beaumont 7th December 2020, 9:19 am

    Cordelia Beaumont JtbmVOuF_o
    Name: Cordelia Beaumont
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Birthday: 7/7/871
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Special Characteristics: I’ve been told that sometimes there are flecks of gold in my green eyes but it depends on the light!

    Personality: Cordelia is a compassionate, upbeat, and joyful soul who possesses sharp street-smarts and ties it all up with a spunky and playfully proud attitude. Always the optimist, Cordelia is quick to cheer for people, wishing them the best and always wishing to see the good that lays beneath. She is nonetheless able to decipher who is good and evil, understanding that there is a defined line between both forces. She stands opposed to those that would cause harm, though she only resorts to violence if no other path presents itself. She can be cold and defiant against those who seek to harm, hiding her fear through sheer stubbornness. She never forgets the wrongs done to her or the ones she cares about but is willing to grant forgiveness if the person or people truly wish to make amends.

    Cordelia is a true lover of nature, having been raised to show honor to the gifts that Mother Earthland grants. She is an avid gardener, tending and growing prize-winning flowers and vegetables. She is also an apprentice miner and blacksmith, her father one of the foremost crafters of magical weapons and trinkets in Ca-Elum. It’s this enjoyment of nature that feeds Cordelia’s lust for adventure, wanting the chance to break free and make decisions based on her own beliefs and thoughts. She wishes to make her own way in the world and try every experience that the world is willing to provide her.

    It’s her infectious compassion that helps her make friends quickly. Cordelia is quite the extrovert; unafraid to approach any and all people, no matter if it’s a friendly greeting or a tense confrontation. She can also be quite the innocent flirt, teasing and playing with people but only to a point. It’s clear she’s the kind of woman that longs to be loved but only after plenty of time and getting to know one another. This comes across as naive at times and, truly, she can be quite wide-eyed about the greater workings of the world as well. But that’s why she set out to educate herself and get a better understanding of her place on Mother Earthland.


    • Adventure: Cordelia loves a good adventure, no matter where it is! She is seemingly unafraid to dive into any kind of quest, wishing to get the full experience of peril and thrilling ventures in the unknown.
    • Nature: Cordelia was raised to commune with nature, taking only what was needed from the planet and honoring the gifts presented. She can often be found wandering through fields, simply taking in the sensation of the natural world around her.
    • Tea: Cordelia loves tea. She would drink it nonstop if she could but somehow manages to keep herself to a strict schedule. Still, she has been known to sneak one last sleepy-time tea right before bed.


    • Dishonesty: Cordelia was raised in a very honest and open household so lying is quite the insult to her. She sees no advantage gained by fibbing and is quick to chastise those that lie to or around her.
    • Bullies: Cordelia has seen her fair share of thuggish men and women trying to throw their weight around. She refuses to grant bullies any kind of leeway, willing to stand up to them -- no matter the size.
    • Materialism: One should always have a certain amount of pride in the items they possess, else why would they have bought it? But basing one’s standing in the world on what one owns is selfish and stupid and Cordelia can’t abide anyone that believes they are better than others just because they possess more money.


    • Experiencing Life: Cordelia didn’t live a very sheltered life in Ca-Elum but she was still restricted by the limits of her island. She wants to see the entirety of the world and experience what it has to offer, no matter the danger.
    • New Material: Ca-Elum relies on a lot of trade from Stella and that’s what Cordelia grew up using for her gardening and smithing. There’s so many other nations out there with different resources and she wants to find and see what she can use them for with her abilities!
    • Connections: Despite her outgoing personality, Cordelia never possessed a whole lot of close friends beyond her parents. She believes she was waiting until she could journey into the world and meet new people, ready to form attachments that could last a lifetime!


    • Slavery: Trapping and enlisting a person for the rest of their lives is one of the worst possible crimes that could ever exist. Cordelia has a deep-seated fear over becoming caged for the entirety of her existence and the fact that slavers exist to do just that worries her greatly.
    • Losing her family: Cordelia is very close to her parents and family, having grown in a friendly, vibrant household. Her parents are still on the younger side but she knows eventually they’ll return to Mother Earthland and she dreads losing that connection.
    • Loneliness: Despite lacking friends, Cordelia never truly felt alone -- she still had family. But there is a ripe trepidation over venturing into the world and being rejected, left to fend for herself without connection or alliance.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green (with specks of gold!)
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Cordelia Beaumont:

    Guild: Meliora Vitae
    Tattoo: Right hand please!
    Tattoo Color: Green!


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    Cordelia Beaumont Empty Re: Cordelia Beaumont

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 7th December 2020, 10:00 am

    Cordelia Beaumont FbVA7uB



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