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    Wet 'N Wild

    Cillian duCrosse
    Cillian duCrosse

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    Wet 'N Wild Empty Wet 'N Wild

    Post by Cillian duCrosse 28th September 2020, 2:55 pm

    Even though my life hasn't been all that great

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    I have seen war, famine; witnessed the genocide. Have seen the changes in human nature and history, and I am still here, standing alone. Til the end, I will be there too. To witness the endless carnage, to live this harsh reality. Cause I have been cursed, Cursed with immortality.
    “Are you ready?”

    The playful question was almost whispered in her ear, its tone ripe with mischief, although likely not the kind of mischief that Dela wanted out of him. Like had been for the entirety of his life so far, Cillian was an absolute dunce when it came to recognizing when someone was interested in him romantically, or even sexually. There were moments when he was able to pick up on such things, but usually that was only when he was on high alert about a particular threat or danger and actually paying attention to the people around him. Not his strongest suit, and he had never felt anything but comfortable around Dela despite the fact that she was a cop and he was a necromancer and a member of a dark guild.

    The blonde woman had the day off today, unlike their third counterpart Vera. Rather than sitting around being lazy all day like Dela probably wanted to do, he had somehow managed to wrangle her into joining him at the large water park in Crocus. He was clad in only a pair of red board shorts with the fullness of his chest exposed to the world around them, the emblem on his stomach for his guild invisible to all. Currently, he was sitting in a two person floating tube at the top of a water ride, his ass sunked into the back seat with his legs up on either side of Dela. He was grinning with all the excitement of a child and a madman mixed into one, gigging with anticipation as the two of them stared into their immediate futures.

    Before them was a drop that was actually insane. It was practically straight down, with magical boosters along the way that would ensure they were going as fast as possible down the ride. The course of the ride was huge, the biggest at the park, in fact. It spun this way and that around the water park grounds, often passing over portions of other rides, before ultimately ending like all the others in a large pool at the bottom. The only thing that kept them from dropping down the slope they currently teetered on was his grip on the bar overhead that he could use to leverage them into the thick of the ride.

    More than ready to get this party started, he didn’t wait much longer before yanking them over the edge and into the plummet, hollering loudly with glee the entire way down.  
    I figure that if I live long enough, something good might happen.



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    Wet 'N Wild Empty Re: Wet 'N Wild

    Post by Dela 3rd December 2020, 7:02 am

    Nestled in the front hole of the brightly colored tube-for-two was a very nervous looking blonde, her petite frame's naughty bits just barely covered by a teal halter-top two-piece. Initially, she'd played it all sorts of cool and collected about this particular ride, like it didn't scare the bikini bottoms off of her. The closer to the top they got, the more uncertain she was, and the tougher she played it. She looked brave as she stood with her hands on her hips and a disinterested sigh on her lips, but as soon as she plopped into the front of the float and glimpsed her future, the bravado leaked away. Her hands wrapped around the big olf's legs on either side of her, as if they would save her from the terror this ride intended to deliver unto every one of its riders. "I should have never let you talk me into this-- AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" she hissed just as he launched them over the precipice, her words melding into a blood-curdling scream as they rocketed straight down toward the earth and whatever else the snaking tube had to offer.

    It felt like she hadn't had a day off in forever. Going anywhere other than her room to veg, marinate in pizza grease, and school punks in games was as unappealing as ever, but...it was Cillian who had asked. He was a big dumb dope oblivious to her growing feelings for him, and though she hadn't given in easily on principle, she was secretly happy to be at the water park. She'd never been to one before. There was a lot of standing in line and too many friggin' stairs, but the company was good and Dela didn't mind getting some sunshine for a change. But he owed her next time. Whether he liked it or not, the next time they hung out, it would be something way less high-energy. Pizza and games in bed. Harmless and unsuggestive, though Dela certainly would never complain if Cillian got a little frisky. Yeah, that'd happen in her dreams.

    Speaking of dreams, the blonde would have never dreamed something so scary at first could end up being so fun. After the initial drop, she all but forgot how different and scary it was. Her screams turned into laughter, and her fingernails removed themselves from the flesh of his lanky legs. It was a long ride and well worth the wait. By the time they skidded across the surface of the big pool at the end, she hopped out and turned to face him with more excitement than he'd likely ever seen on her non-inebriated face. "That. Was. Amazing!" she emphasized, grinning as goofily as Cillian did when he was being a big kid. "You wanna go on another?"

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