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    Legend of the Lich

    Cillian duCrosse
    Cillian duCrosse

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    Legend of the Lich Empty Legend of the Lich

    Post by Cillian duCrosse on 5th January 2021, 9:53 am

    Legend of the Lich Kec52zo

       Legend of the Lich

       Cillian duCrosse

       Proof of Acquisition:
       Page 5, Post n°120

       Death comes. And with it, who knows? Does the soul move on? Does it transcend to another realm? Is there such a place as Heaven, Hell, or even Limbo? Or is it simply nothing? Who knows, the soul goes somewhere, but its destination is a surprise to everyone - unless you are a necromancer. Necromancy is the practice of magic that involves communication with the dead. There are many specific lines of necromancers that exist all around the world, that wield their powers in various ways. This particular line of necromancy has an affiliation with a specific type of the undead – liches. Liches are known to be corpses that have once again come to life, they are skeletons infused with curious dark magic that gives them life. They are powerful beings, capable of dealing immense damage to their foes, to control such a creature would surely be incredible power.


       ⛧ Commander of the Undead ⛧
       The wielder of this lineage is truly one who holds great command over beings no longer living, capable to rule over the great and powerful and pull such beings into their realm. As such, they are able to summon a very specific summoning key known as the Lich King. The Lich King is an incredible force of nature, a warrior capable of great destruction. Because of the lineage holder's mastery of the undead, they are able to summon them regardless of whether they have used up their summon spell limitations. This particular key can be wielded outside of magic benefit limits, it does however take up one of the maximum unknown summoning key slots that an account can have.

    Unknown Summoning Key – The Lich King:

       The Lich King

       Summoning Key

       Unknown Key

       Summon Melee Damage:
       User Rank Advanced Unknown Summon Melee Damage (Up to H+)

       Summon HP:
       User Rank Advanced Unknown Summon HP (Up to H+)

       User Rank Advanced Burst Range (Up to H+)

       User Rank Advanced Burst Speed (Up to H+)

       User Rank Advanced Max (Up to H+)

       The Lich King is a powerful being, a ruler amongst Liches. He is capable of bringing great devastation to those who oppose him. A master of dark magic, his attacks are stupendously strong and destructive. Only a truly curator of dark energy would surely be able to summon someone of such cataclysmic might.

       Legend of the Lich YwtTqK8


       Name: [Custom ability for the user to design]
       Category: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)

       ⛧ Powerful Necromancy ⛧
       Necromancy is an art that can often be greatly destructive, used to cause great devastation and chaos to the world around it. To wield such power is to surely be a force of undeniable misery. As a result, the wielder of this lineage receives a 200% buff to their Spell Damage passively. Additionally, the bearer of the lineage gains a 50% increase to their base Spell Damage.

       ⛧ Book of the Dead ⛧
       The wielder of this lineage is a master of the dark arts, and through its heritage receives a Book of the Dead. This book is filled with pages upon pages about the dark arts, it's knowledge hence being passed onto the wielder. As such the user gains an additional user rank advanced spell per magic they possess, which is added to the same magic, which ranks with the user up to H+ Rank. Further, the user also gains an additional user rank advanced spell per magic they possess. This spell ranks up with the user up to S+ Rank. Additionally, the user gains an extra user-rank Signature Spell for each of their Magics, which ranks with them up to S. Lastly, the user gains 5 additional user-rank spell slots for a single one of their magics, which will rank with the user up to S Rank. Using these 5 additional spells will cost double the regular base MP, and the spells are unaffected by decreases to spell cost.

       ⛧ Dead Royalties Wealth ⛧
       To rule over Liches, it is important that the wielder of this lineage gains power. Another form of power in today's existence is wealth, as such, with the power of dark arts, they are able to manipulate their fortune and gain more wealth to use for their own needs. As such the wielder of this lineage will receive 100% more Jewels from any jobs they complete. Additionally, they are able to contribute to this gain of power by gathering powerful items to aid their rulership. When doing jobs, the wielder will also receive a custom piece of equipment equivalent to the rank of the job, following the Tables and FAQ section, that is seemingly found on the job. Equipment gained this way cannot be sold in any shop or traded to other players, but can freely be traded amongst the user's own characters.

       ⛧ The Cursed Undead ⛧
       Liches are creatures that are inhuman, and they are not to be considered living but cursed undead. A true master of Liches can summon weaker Liches to their aid, these Lesser Liches deal user rank advanced Multi Target damage (Up to H+), attacking their targets with their rustic swords. Injuries caused by these lesser liches will burn a target's MP and HP for 10% once per post, up to user rank advanced duration (Up to H+). They will also have their speed debuffed for user rank advanced active debuff for the same duration. They can move up to user rank advanced MT range and at user rank advanced MT speed, and once per post, the wielder of this lineage can swap places with one of these lesser liches through teleportation, however, this is limited to user rank advanced burst range (Up to H+).


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