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    Word Of Law Tribe - Wren's Encounter!


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    Word Of Law Tribe - Wren's Encounter! Empty Word Of Law Tribe - Wren's Encounter!

    Post by Wren on Thu 10 Sep - 18:12

    2183/2000 words || @tagged || Exam Stuff / UwU || S.O.S. Wren need halp.
    The little witch was flying on her broom in her uniform (for once) and was looking around. She was in search of a tribe that used an apparently ancient language here in Fiore. Or at least a watered down version of it from what she gathered. She was using a map as she did so and trying to figure out where exactly this could be. The Urban Nights party was long over and the little witch found that she had an active imagination while drunk. Or it was the drinks at the party! It had to have been the drinks at the party! She wouldn’t have gone crazy otherwise. Yes. Definitely. Nanny couldn’t change to a humanoid thing. Nope. It was all in her head. She slapped her cheeks as she gripped her hand into a fist. “We gotta take care of this Nanny! Us and our squa-ah! Shoot!” The little witch realized she had gotten ahead of the squad she had been assigned to for this little assignment. Definitely not the way to go for this. Making a quick u-turn, Wren is back with the small squad in the matter of minutes.

    Her cheeks were a light shade of pink as she puffed them up. The group had been practically sprinting to keep up with her. She wasn’t used to being a leader out in the field. In a lab or stationary was easier for her to deal with. “Sorry! I didn’t realize…” She clears her throat and quickly jumps off of her broom and stands up tall. “Alrighty! So I feel a tribe of this Word of Law is somewhere up ahead. Keep your eyes and ears out!” She nods as she grabs her broom to keep it from flying. Nanny was grumbly as she had to walk on her paws. “Remember people, we’re going to be protecting them since they keep on being attacked! So when we approach, try to be on at least the defensive in case they are attacked again!” She held up her broom a bit, bristle side up, to use as a flag as a way for them to know where the short Rune Knight was. She honestly hoped she was doing a good job as a leader. This wasn’t her forte.

    Wren began speed walking to be ahead of her squad. She was still not used to this… She became a Warrant Officer. How was that even possible for her to become one and get her own freaking squad?! Jeez louise! Who was drunk when making that decision?! She glanced back over her shoulder at the twenty men and women in uniform behind her. She knew they talked about her from time to time, questioning why a child was leading them, and if they believed she was an adult, they questioned if she was a male or female often. She hated this feeling. Very few people believed well enough that Wren was an adult female, enough she could count on one hand. If she were home, they wouldn’t have had to even speculate. People somehow knew how one was, even the ones that weren’t like the rest. It was hard to explain. But here in Ishgar, it was another story.

    “Permission to speak, Warrant Officer Hayden, sir!” Someone called out behind her. She paused and looked back after twitching her eye at the ‘sir’. “Permission granted! Speak, soldier!” The woman jogged up to be a little closer to the shorter one. “What is with the tribe we need to protect? Do they hold something important, sir?” Wren stopped and turned around to face the group. “Listen up! First off! Don’t you knockers address me as ‘Sir’. I don’t care if you call your other female leaders that, I am not them! You’ll say ‘ma’am’ to me instead! Is that clear?!” “Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” “Second! We’re going to protect one of the many tribes of people who were or are descendants of those who use an ancient form of magic, called the Word of Law. They’ve been being attacked lately to the point that they’re being murdered to oblivion and need our help to stay protected. If you have a problem with this, leave now and turn in your resignation! Are we clear?” “Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” “Good!” She turned around and nervously hung her head as she hesitantly took out her map. She wasn’t even sure if that ‘speech’ was good enough, or if she went too far at the end. She hoped she didn’t.

    “Ma’am!” Someone finally used the right one for her! “There’s smoke coming from our ten o’clock!” Wren instantly snapped her head up and noticed the smoke not too far from them. A grin was on her lips as she nodded. “Alright soldiers! Let's head that way! Like I said before, be prepared to be on the defensive in case they think we’re here to harm them!” She broke through the forest foliage towards the smoke. The scene they came across had the little witch stopping dead in her tracks and looking in disbelief. There were ruined huts and tents and a line of bodies covered in blankets. Red was a common color to see painted around the place, and not by their choice it seemed. As soon as the group was there, the remaining people in the tribe stopped what they were doing to also look at the newcomers. The atmosphere was tense.

    With a deep breath, Wren stepped forward and gulped some air before she turned her broom right side up, bristle side down again. She gave a nervous bow, and cleared her throat a bit after she stood up straight once again. “I am Warrant Officer Wren Hayden, of the Rune Knights. We were dispatched to come and help protect you.” She tries to keep her voice loud enough for them to hear, honestly happy they weren’t attacked on sight. A woman a bit taller than her came rushing past her tribespeople and right up to Wren. “I am Chieftess Ayiala. We thank you for coming so quickly.” She seemed just as nervous as Wren was. “We’re still trying to clean up from last night's attack. I also apologize for not coming over sooner when you came. Are you sure you can protect us?” Wren held up her hand and shook her head as soon as the woman apologized, knowing it wasn’t needed. “We can protect the tribe on your behalf. Don’t worry. You guys can focus on finishing repairing your home and taking care of your wounded.”

    After a few minutes, the group started to spread out around the tribe, setting up a perimeter of the place. They were also blessed with seeing the Word of Law in action. The people said strange words and moved the land, such as the trees and bushes, to move things into place. They were trying to repair their homes and other buildings. Honestly, the experience was a sight to behold for the little witch. The soldiers also had started to feel the same about the land. Turning towards the center of the tribe, Wren held her broom in front of her as she closed her eyes and started mumbling something under her breath. When she opened her eyes again, her brown eyes were a stunning blue as magic was coming into play from her. She was setting up protection markers around the tribe that would warn her of intruders in the area when they passed the threshold.

    For a while, nothing had happened and the soldiers even slightly helped the tribespeople rebuild their home while patrolling a little bit, calling it their ‘breaks’ in between patrols. Wren did her fair share of work as well. She kept her ears out and made sure to strengthen her markers every so often so they could be in top shape. As she was helping move a stack of wood, she felt a tingle at the back of her neck. It didn’t feel good. A low screech was barely able to be heard, as if it was an alarm. She quickly set the wood down and spins around. “Heads up! Something’s coming!” The little witch calls out. The soldiers who had been helping out had quickly stopped what they were doing and instantly spread out towards any openings between the posts for the other soldiers and were all brandishing their weapons. Wren’s eyes were staying blue as she was preparing to use her magic already. She hummed something and ten little blue wisps started floating around the little witch. She closed her eyes as Nanny hissed with her fur going up on her back.

    Wren raised her hands and spread out her fingers while raising her hands. The wisps spread out away from her and were trying to look for those who weren’t the soldiers. She was hoping if there was anything out there, the wisps would start shocking them. And luckily enough, a shocking sound was heard and nothing was there. Her eyes went wide and she realized what they were up against. “They’re invisible.” She murmurs. “They’re invisible!” She calls out louder for the soldiers to hear her. “Nanny!” The cat was already pouncing and scratching up what she assumed was the face of an attacker. The soldiers were struggling with their own invisible people now. One of the soldiers managed to get some of the tribespeople to kick up the dust with their magic to give them some visibility on these invisible people. That made things a little easier on them at least. The tribespeople had made their way to the center of the group of soldiers. They were trying to kick up dust and make more visibility to these invisible attackers and help out the Rune Knights assisting them.

    Wren grins as she starts muttering incantations, making the ground start to glow a soft green just before rosemary stems shoot out from the ground and stabs through three of the invisible attackers arms and legs to cease them from attacking. After they were stabbed, their invisible cloak was released, showing people looking diseased by a dark magic and transforming into an abomination. They were turning into various black coloring of animals and all had razor sharp claws on their hands, regardless of if the animals they were turning into had claws or not. “YoUr WoRdSsSsSsS! gIvE tHeM tO uSsSsSsS nOw!” One with a black and gold snake-ish looking head forming on their shoulders, hissed at them as the rosemary stems wrapped around their arms and forced them to be held on the ground. Wren blinked a bit. Their words? What? She quickly shook her head and repeated using her rosemary stems to capture the transformed people. They proved to be a bit of a fight after a little bit though, when the invisible creatures realized that the tribespeople were being protected by a stronger group and actually had to work harder to try to get to them. Wren had even struggled to keep her stems up, as they started slicing at her stems and cutting them shorter than they originally were.

    Soon though, her squad had the majority of them cuffed in antimagic cuffs, and sitting in a group. There was a total of five deaths. One of the tribespeople had managed to get caught by the diseased people, as well as a couple of knights, the remaining deaths were the diseased who refused to calm down and managed to slip out of their cuffs before they were clasped completely and tried to murder the soldiers. Wren justified it as self defense. As it was. One of the creepier deformed people were laughing in a distorted voice. The short witch couldn’t even tell what he was turning into. Maybe a fox? A dog? Something? She had glanced over to him and pursed her lips. He noticed her looking at him and cackled more.

    “Heeee’ll beeee baaaarrkk.” He cackles as his head lulls back.

    “He who?”

    “Whhhhyyyy wouldddd I tell youuuu?! Heeee’ll comeeee forrrr youuuu toooooo~! Witch.” The way he said that last word made Wren frown a bit. It was like ‘witch’ was a diseased word that shouldn’t be spoken about in public. That wasn’t something she was fully expecting to hear either. He then bit his tongue while he was saying something with the now garbling blood in his mouth.

    “Someone get me a cloth and cover his eyes! Pronto!” She screams out as she flicked her wrist to materialize an unlabeled glass bottle with red liquid. She uncorked it and forced his mouth open before dumping the contents down his throat. “Keep on biting your tong-” She cut herself off as she realized that the blob stuff was forming more into a rams head now. “You’re not being incapable of speaking. Whether you like it or not. Bite your tongue, and you’ll be healed. Over. And over. And over again.” She says as she backed up. She didn’t care how threatening that sounded or not, but it should get the point across that he’s not getting out of it.

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    Shane Stern

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    Word Of Law Tribe - Wren's Encounter! Empty Re: Word Of Law Tribe - Wren's Encounter!

    Post by Shane Stern on Tue 15 Sep - 10:05

    It was an unexpectedly powerful punch, one that he had severely underestimated and regretted as he flew and crashed right through the walls of a house, before righting himself in mid-air with a flip and landing on his feet again. The momentum of the punch hadn’t been fully dissipated though, with Shane’s feet drawing two wide lines in the solid earth. His eyes widened with surprise as he took note of the meter long cuts in the dirt. His opponent was strong, apt for a creature made entirely out of rocks and dirt. Thankfully, it was one of a kind, although that didn’t really help the situation much.

    All around him, elemental monsters were wreaking havoc. Flames had taken on feline form as they weaved through the village, slashing and slicing with their razor-sharp claws with agility. Creatures of wind took the form of birds, swooping in and out of the air as they divebombed the innocent villagers fighting for their lives. Snakes formed out of vines, with wide gaping mouths of sharp teeth were terrorizing the village as they slithered here and there, ensnaring careless villagers with their thorny vines.

    Shane wanted to help but there was too many that required his help, and he could only do what was the best. Minimize the damage. At the moment, the earth golem was the biggest threat of them all. Anyone who had dared to step in front of the golem had been mercilessly slapped away by the rocks that formed its arms while some had been stomped into the ground. At the very least, the villagers still had a fighting chance against the other elemental creatures. They were a hunting tribe, and combined with the little magic that they knew, they had managed to play down the threat slightly. But it was just delaying their impending doom.

    Materializing his trusty shield in his right hand instead of his left, Shane ran at the golem and threw the shield. The shield sliced through the air, devoid of any wind resistance and struck the golem squarely in the chest before bouncing into the air. Thrown with all of his strength, the shield had thrown the golem off balance when it hit it in the chest, cracking the rocks and dirt that formed its body. Shane leapt into the air, his right hand outstretched to catch the shield out of the air with nary a drop in his rhythm and strapped it to his left arm.

    The jump had brought him right in front of the golem as it took one step back to balance itself. This gave Shane the opening he needed, reeling his right arm back. An almost transparent pulse of energy rippled outwards from his right arm as Shane solidified his stance and threw a punch right into the creature’s chest. The impact from the punch created a gust of wind as it landed, pushing the golem further off balance and requiring it to step backward. But that wasn’t the end of Shane’s attacks. The moment his fist had landed, Shane began chaining it into a combo, following it up with a left hook, smashing the edge of his shield into the same spot again.

    What came after the left hook was an elbow strike from the right, still hitting the same spot on the golem’s chest as the cracks continued to lengthen, the web of cracks betting wider and wider. The fourth and final strike that it took to bring down the golem, entirely smashing its chest into pieces, was a jumping roundhouse kick that sent the golem flying backwards as it broke into a pile of rocks. As the rocks crashed to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust from the ground, Shane was already charging back into the village. His sights were set on the two flaming felines, preparing to pounce on the two hunters, a male and female, as they protected a few whimpering children that had their backs pressed against the wall of a hut. The two of them were among the many other hunters and others that were capable of fighting back against the threats, and like the others, they bore terrible scars from the battle at hand.

    To the right side of them was another male hunter, slightly on the bigger side, holding a huge broadsword imbued with magic as he contended against a fire and plant elemental while a slimmer man stood behind him, armed with a bow as he repeatedly repelled the wind elementals that were trying to dive down on them. Within close vicinity, everyone that was capable was fighting for their lives.

    Sprinting forth, Shane’s figure suddenly disappeared in mid-stride and the next second he had reappeared right behind the two fire elementals. His shield was raised high into the air, glowing with a warm, yellow light before he dropped to the ground on one knee, slamming the edge of the shield into the ground, releasing a wave of yellow light that originated with him as the centre, flooding outwards in an ever-growing circle. The light damaged those that Shane had designated as enemies, while the villagers were spared, leaving them unharmed as the light just washed over them.

    Shane ignored the few thanks that had been mumbled in his direction and hastily moved forward in search of more of those elementals. The man leapt onto the roof of one of the huts, feeling the wood give slightly under his weight, and scanned the rest of the village. There were a few more of the monsters left. A surge of energy gurgled into existence from within him and covered his entire body, and in the next second the shield bearer zipped out of existence from the top of the roof.

    With the extreme speed that only using Plus Ultra at max capacity could pull off, Shane seemingly appeared at multiple locations at the same time, punching or kicking the enemies that he had appeared beside or behind, one-shotting them without restraint. The myriad duplicates of himself that had appeared around the village were afterimages, and in actual, he had just moved around fast enough to leave those afterimages behind, and when they blurred out of thin air, Shane was once more standing atop the roof of another village, looking out around the whole village once more for any of the elemental creatures that he might have missed.

    There was no shouting in glee, no hooting and arms pumping into the air that came with the end of the battle. The enemies had disappeared with their destruction but the aftermath had not. Shane felt not the exhilaration of a battle well fought. Instead, the man listlessly stepped off the roof and dropped to the ground on his feet and quietly assisted with the clean up.The broken houses were nothing but material belongings. What really weighed on the remainder of the tribe were the dead.

    Rolling up his sleeves, Shane made good use of his strength and helped the tribesmen carry the bodies of their fallen comrades, some young, some old and some having fought and died valiantly in battle. They were all carried and placed in front of what was once the village square, which at the northern end of the clearing was the tribe chief’s home and ringed by the houses of the others. Friends and family wept over the dead, while Shane stood to one side, under the shadows of the houses as dusk slowly approached. When night finally arrived, the new village chief stood forward, carrying a huge torch.

    The bodies of the dead had been laid on a huge woodstack, covered over with dark cloth. For a few minutes there was no movement at all from the surviving tribesmen, all of them lowering their heads as a sign of respect to the dead. Once the time was up, the new village chief walked forward and set the cloth covering the dead bodies alight. Archers stood out from the crowd, holding their bows and pulling the bowstring back, and simultaneously released arrows of flames at the aflame woodstack, their arrows of fire adding to the ferocity of the flames.

    The tiniest of sobs could be heard and as the fire reached higher and higher into the sky, more and more sounds of mourning could be heard from the villagers. At this point, the expressionless Shane merely turned away and walked away from the village. The one he was supposed to protect was dead, his mission a failure. There was nothing else he could do here. He wasn’t getting any closer to figuring out the situation at hand or apprehending the culprit behind this whole fiasco. He only knew that these attacks on the tribes weren’t going to end anytime soon.

    As he walked into the darkness under the cover of the trees in the night, Shane felt his iLac vibrate in his right pants pocket. Fishing it out, the former Rune Knight checked the message that had arrived. It was a message from Castle, and within it was a set of coordinates. His gaze steeled when he saw the series of numbers, and without any hesitation, the man let out a shrill whistle. Five seconds later, a reply came back to him in the form of a shriek followed by a gentle whooshing of air. Shane leapt up into the air and when he landed, it was on the back of Liba, his trusty avian sidekick. She had been gifted to him by an acquaintance and both master and pet had gotten close very quickly.

    While Liba could glide through the skies at an accelerated pace, it still took the bird a few hours to arrive at the locations that Castle had provided to Shane. During the flight, Shane had sat down, balancing himself perfectly on the back of the massive eagle and had even managed to catch some shut eye while he sat cross legged and arms crossed. When they finally arrived, the sound of battle drifted to his ears and the former general stood up and looked down from high above as Liba glided in a tight circle above the village.

    Shane’s expression perked up with a slight smile as he noticed that the people doing battle below were wearing a very familiar uniform. He could even pinpoint a particular Rune Knight below, a pint-sized ginger with a larger than life spirit. How long has it been since he had last seen her when she was a recruit? To think that right now she would be leading her own squad. The blonde soldier watched the Rune Knights handle the threat with ease, with the situation slightly milder than the attack he had fought through the previous day.

    When everything was all tidied up, Shane decided to make his entrance.

    “Let’s descend,” Shane whispered, loud enough for Liba’s sensitive ears to pick it up and immediately the large eagle dove down. By then, her owner had already dropped his knees and grabbed her feathers by the side of her neck albeit gently, just enough to keep himself from flying away. The dive was a thrilling roller coaster ride to the earth and at the last minute, as though performing a high altitude low opening drop like what her owner loved to do, Liba opened her wings wide at the very last moment, allowing the air to fill her wings to slow down the dive. When she had finally pulled up of the dive, Liba fully opened her wings and gradually swooped down to the ground where Shane jumped off with a smirk on his face.

    “Show off,” Shane teased as he looked at the bird when he landed, before Liba flew off again to somewhere nearby until Shane called for her again.

    The last part of what Wren had shouted had been heard clearly by Shane. With his shield strapped to his back, Shane crossed his arms in front of his chest as he approached the group of Rune Knights and their captives.

    “So… been awhile we last met. Not much of a growth spurt, huh?” Shane spoke in a friendly tone as he stood in front of Wren and her squad.

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