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    Yoruen Jinryu

    Yoruen Jinryu
    Yoruen Jinryu

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    Yoruen Jinryu Empty Yoruen Jinryu

    Post by Yoruen Jinryu 10th January 2023, 2:21 am

    Name: Yoruen Jinryu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Birthday: 23 July
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: -

    → Yoruen is a troublemaker, a loudmouth and one of the most annoying people ever. He possesses a fiery temper and a brash personality that causes him to act recklessly most of the time. He constantly acts based on his own moral compass, disregarding rules or instructions or any form of authority, going all out in what he feels is correct. While some times this particular trait has allowed him to choose the correct course of action, it has also landed him much trouble. The recklessness is further fuelled by his confidence in his own abilities, and in turn, makes him an arrogant character. His disregard for authority, teamwork and his stubbornness makes it difficult to place him in a team, as he tends to try to usurp the leadership position, and would only begrudgingly accept his subordination if he knows that the one in the leadership position is someone he has no chance of triumphing over.

    → However, with all of his bad personality traits, Yoruen does have a small bit of positive ones in hand. His stubbornness can be looked at positively as determination in the correct situations, his refusal to give up keeping him standing for as long as he can in the worst of situations. Yoruen is also able to block out what others think of him, having the self-confidence to brush away scathing remarks about him. He is also honest to a fault, and in return, values honesty from others. He absolutely hates it when people try to lie to him, or treat him with fakeness, instantly wanting to disassociate with such people. And perhaps the most redeeming trait about him, is his loyalty. Given the correct combination of factors, anyone who he views as a friend will earn his loyalty and trust, and he will defend that friend to the death.

    • Flying → Yoruen loves the feel of the wind washing over him as he glides through the air, with an occasional touch of adrenaline when he flies up high and dives straight down to the ground before pulling up at the last minute
    • Napping in trees → Perhaps influenced by his Take Over Magic, Yoruen is particularly fond of taking naps in trees, sitting on tree branches and leaning back against the trunk
    • Training → Yoruen spends his time either sleeping or training, hoping to get stronger as fast as he could

    • Losing → No one likes to lose, but Yoruen absolutely hates it when he loses, especially when it comes to fighting. However, his tenacity shines as he would go through the fight he loses in his mind and visualize how he could have done things differently to achieve a different result
    • Long speeches → Yoruen’s short attention span makes him unusually sleepy during long speeches
    • Cramped spaces → While his dislike hasn’t reach phobia-level, Yoruen can’t really stand being cooped up in small spaces over long stretches of time, except for when it’s time to sleep

    • No.1 → Yoruen aims to become No.1, although when asked, he would be hard pressed to really give an answer what his No. 1 refers to
    • Recognition → A trauma from his childhood when he was forced to constantly compete with other children of his age, Yoruen constantly seeks recognition from his peers, despite his trait to constantly undermine them
    • Freedom → Another undefined motivation, Yoruen seeks freedom but what exactly that freedom is still something he’s seeking an answer to

    • Plateauing → Yoruen enjoys training and growing stronger, and secretly fears of reaching his full potential and unable to grow stronger any further while still being far from reaching his goals
    • Family → While setting up a family and settling down isn’t one of his core motivations, Yoruen is also quite worried that the way he is will cause him to end up old and alone in the future
    • Spiders → Disgusting eight-eyed, eight-legged creatures that have haunted him ever since he was almost consumed by a case of Take Over magic gone wrong

    General Appearance

    Height: 168cm
    Weight: 55kg
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Skin Tone: Fair

    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Tattoo: Left side of the waist
    Tattoo Color: Black

    Faction: -
    Faction Chapter: -

    Character Change purchase: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t44890p200-the-general-store#447481



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