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    Everyone Needs a Home! (Seika)


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    Everyone Needs a Home! (Seika) Empty Everyone Needs a Home! (Seika)

    Post by Ran 13th August 2020, 8:25 pm

    The Elysium Guild Hall was all very good and well, but Aphelia had insisted that they needed to find their own place. The best way to create the perfect home was to build it! So, the feline had arranged for Seika to meet today with a real estate agent, or an architect, or some kind of person like that. They were going to go over... the details, whatever that consisted of. Her bond mate was being suspiciously dodgy about this entire ordeal, but the mage just shrugged it off. The spirit being mysterious was nothing at all new. As they were prancing through Magnolia Town (even though the feline insisted she did not "prance," Seika was quite sure that she did partake in the fun of skipping!) she glanced at her friend. "Where are we going again?" The obvious answer was, Magnolia Town, but which building, she meant more specifically.


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