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    Urban Nights Glowsticks!


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    Urban Nights Glowsticks! Empty Urban Nights Glowsticks!

    Post by Ran Tue 11 Aug - 19:36

    After signing up here and successfully completing your 2020 Urban Nights Event Name:
    Urban Nights GlowSticks!



    Those who partake in the Urban Night Event, found they are constantly handed free glowsticks throughout the night! A little memento of the awesome party experience they endured!
    Urban Nights Glowsticks! N78KUtH
    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event N78KUtH


    Name: Renewable Glow!
    Description: Unlike normal glowsticks, the glow on these sticks never will run out. In fact, they are actually a permanent light source that can work in any environment! Not to mention, they come in every colour and are super fun to dance with~


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