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    What Do You Call the Opposite of a Fall? (Riia)


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    What Do You Call the Opposite of a Fall? (Riia) Empty What Do You Call the Opposite of a Fall? (Riia)

    Post by uwulover 21st July 2020, 8:11 pm

    "What do you call the opposite of a fall?"

    "Ooh, I know this! It's a jump, right?" Haven announced proudly, not bothering to either raise her hand or wait for the teacher to call on her.

    "I don't see any volunteers... alright, Litzy, what is the antonym of the word 'fall'?" The teacher addressed a short haired succubus in the front row, her spectacles glinting as she pointedly ignored the shadow demon jumping up and down off to the side.

    "What? I don't know," Litzy gave their instructor a weird look, as though she were at fault for calling on the student. Sighing, the much weighed upon educator walked to the dry erase board and wrote upon it in red marker, 'RISE.' "The reverse of a fall is a rise. For your homework, I want each of you to write one sentence in your notebook where you correctly use the word rise in context. Class is dismissed." As soon as- no, before the words were out of her mouth, all of the kids were already jerking to their feet and shoving out the door.

    "You're special," her best friend went on to say. At that, Haven perked up a little bit. "You really think so?" She looked hopeful.

    When someone kept telling you that you were special, at first it was a difficult pill to swallow for someone like Haven. But after hearing it be said enough times... was it so strange that she had begun to believe? That she now took the words for the truth, and the compliments for what they were, genuine belief?

    So now, when Aria told her she was special, Haven didn't necessarily doubt her. As annoying as it could be, though, she couldn't help but ask for confirmation.

    "Yes," the other demon rolled her eyes. "Now come on, we're gonna be late for class."


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