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    Teach Me to Be Like You! (Riia)


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    Teach Me to Be Like You! (Riia) Empty Teach Me to Be Like You! (Riia)

    Post by uwulover 21st July 2020, 9:29 pm

    They had declared themselves separate from the demons of the underworld only two days ago, and trouble was already brewing. The new fairy realm for the Unfallen was beautiful, and splendid. Under normal circumstances, Riia would have been happy to play around in the meadows indefinitely. However, a heavy atmosphere had fallen on the dimension. Everyone knew that the devils had been loathe to let the "reformed" members of their hell go free. Even the command of a greater power could not hold them in a state of inaction for long.

    So war was on the horizon. Haven, who had now adopted the name Riia despite not fully being changed, was anxious to help. Unfortunately, she was... not at all equipped for battle, nor able to truly assist in the preparations. Try as she might to volunteer her assistance, nobody wanted to take time out to mentor a silly demon who had yet to fully turn away from the dark. If she had been blessed with her fairy powers, that would have been one thing. Instead, the female still retained her dark, shadowy magic that she had possessed since being born in hell. It was unsurprising that her fellow inhabitants of this new realm, who wielded solely sweet and pastel powers, did not know what to do.

    Riia felt as though she were a waste of space. All of the times her friends and the elder demons had called her "special" and "gifted" were turning out to be nothing except a lie. In this situation, she was bringing down the rest of the fairies with her incapability. Today, the girl had decided to take on a different approach. She intended to visit Aria, her former best friend and the inspiration for her newfound name. Although the other demon had elected to remain in the underworld rather than join the majority of her clan in the new fey dimension, she did not share the views of the other demons in believing that the fairies should be eradicated. Possibly, it was due to sentimentality- either way, Riia hoped to take advantage of the other's continued existence as a member of hell.

    It was surprisingly simple to slip back into her home plane, and Riia could skulk through the shadows up to Aria's place of living with such ease that it might as well have been second nature. As soon as she was about to touch the door knocker, the heavy slab of darkwood swung inwards. "You disrupted the wards," the demon said flatly, but she opened the gap even wider and allowed Riia to slip through. "What is your reason for coming? Fairies aren't allowed to be in the Underdark any more," she told the female sternly.

    Ah, so cold. It was like they'd never been best friends. Although, Riia guessed that their relationship had always been a bit more of the older one always having to herd her around versus the younger trying to pull Aria into stunts she had no want to participate in. "I want you to teach me to be like you, please!" Her voice rang out loudly, an attempt of boldness in the judgmental silence that had fallen upon the room. At that, the hell demon snorted. "You want me to teach you how to be an outcast? Or maybe the method of how I starve every week because the higher ups won't let me hunt because they're afraid I'll consort with the fairies?" Eyeing Riia up and down, the demon finally sighed before tipping her head back to stare at the ceiling. "Why aren't you a fairy yet?" Even though the question was phrased offhandedly, Aria's voice betrayed her genuine curiosity.

    "I-I don't know. Everyone tells me I'm special, but... I think they're lying." Riia bit her lip. She'd been far too honest. "A-Anyway, that's not the point! I don't mean any of those things, and, and I'm sorry if that's how it is for you. I just wanted you to teach me, you know, demon powers." At that, Aria laughed abrasively. "You already know demon powers. You are a demon, you know," she snorted. The younger of the two shook her head, humming a sound of denial. "You know what I meant! The... the light shadow," she tried to describe what they both understood. Only, for some reason, Aria was trying to deliberately misunderstand. "The ones that beat normal shadows," Riia specified, and the other demon sighed.

    "Alright kiddo, I'll teach you, on one condition." The one who that was addressed towards nodded vehemently before the stipulation could even be said, bringing out another barking laugh from her former friend. "When you become a fairy, you'd better bring me a dozen of whatever your talent is," she finally muttered. A smile slowly spread across Riia's face at that admission. Her... the way it worked for fairies, was each of them had a particular sweet they were connected to and could create with immeasurable quality. For example, Mila's ginger snap cookies were the best. The very best, like nothing else was. "I don't know if that will ever happen, but I promise!" Riia swore very solemnly before she got to her feet and began to bow to the other demon. "Ugh. I miss when you were gone. Go back to that fairy world," the older girl complained, yawning without covering her mouth.

    "Huh? But I want you to teach me now!" Riia had already transformed back into a whiny brat, and the other demon felt a headache coming on as she fully realized the extent of what she had agreed to. After realizing that the girl wasn't going to be going away any time soon, Aria finally relented. "Fine. It's quite simple actually." There was only one trick to transforming all of the former demonic magic into purifying shadows. "You know how we always learned to pray to Lucy when we cast, you know... just pray to God instead," Aria let out a giant yawn again. "Alright, that's it, kiddo. Time for you to go home." She snapped her fingers and in a flash, Riia found herself back in front of the portal to go to the fairy realm. "How did she...? Wait, pray to God?" Riia gulped. Even though the fairies had forsaken Lucy, actually going over to God's side and worshipping her was a whole other matter. And wait, how was Aria doing that while still being a demon, herself? Scrunching up her face in confusion, the girl absentmindedly walked through the portal and returned to the world of the fey. She sprawled over on the first patch of grass she saw.

    Just devote it to God... instead of Lucifer... Riia closed her eyes and took a deep breath before imagining a dark, gleaming pendant of shadows. When she opened them again... "What is this?" Normally, her deep darkness was tinged with a crimson hue around its edges that rendered the magic particularly susceptible to angels and the like. Now, however, it was edged with a pale golden substance. While similar to the "light shadows" that she had seen Aria cast before to fend off their fellow demons, this felt slightly different. Tentatively, she reached out a pale finger to stroke it down the flat side of the blade.

    "Huh." It didn't hurt, or burn, as she had expected it to. Surely that meant that the girl had failed? She was still a demon herself, after all. Wait, a pale finger? Blinking in confusion, Riia held up her hand with furrowed eyebrows. Her skin... why was it so light? Hurriedly, she summoned a mirror of shadows, not failing to notice that the edges were once again tinged with the glowing gold color. "Wh-!!" She touched her face, unsure whether what she was seeing was a hallucination or otherwise. "I'm... a fairy?" Her immediate reaction was to leap to her feet and sprint off towards the nearest group of people, who stared at her strangely as she burst into talking. "Guys! Did you know that if you pray to God, it can make your magic holy?"

    "First of all, Riia, congrats on becoming a fairy. And well, duh, we're un-fallen angels, meaning we're basically under the jurisdiction of Him now- wait, were you still praying to Lucy this whole time? Riia!" She ignored the call from behind in favor of leaping over a fountain, tracing cotton candy swirls in the air with one finger. They fell into the water with a splash, the sugary floss dissolving quickly. "I'm a fairy! Isn't this great?" Nearby, her fellow Unfallen stared at her with no small amount of trepidation. Next to her, a male fairy looked like he was about to say something, but another shushed him with an elbow to the rib cage. "Yeah, great!" she said, flashing Riia a smile that she was too occupied to notice. The girl felt as though she were on cloud nine, what with the level of euphoria coursing through her veins. After all this time, the solution had been all too simple.

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