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    Teach the kid to walk. (Not sorry)


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    Teach the kid to walk. (Not sorry) Empty Teach the kid to walk. (Not sorry)

    Post by Roku 11th January 2017, 7:16 pm

    "Troublesome" A certain orange hair man muttered as he made his way through the town of Hargon, the town in which had for the last year, been picking up the pieces from the sea life that had attacked before. Many parts of the town had been removed, and at the point some were unrecoverable. Memories were washed away with the rising tides. Some of them would never be able to be restored. Hell, some of the areas still had oddly formed sharks sitting around as skeletons, being used as decoration. Rather terrifying if you think about it.

    On the matter at hand, Roku was currently there on a job, in fact, he was babysitting in a manner. Two parents, dubbing themselves failures, thought it was would intelligent to come to a guild full of would-be monster hunters for help teaching their child to walk. For many of the snakes within the guild, they were the trial by fire type. Roku wasn't outside of that stereotype. By that scope, he was more trial by lava. He wasn't sure about the age of the child, or the lengths they'd tried in the past to get the baby to walk, but if anyone could 'teach' someone to walk, Roku sure was the guy to do it.

    His steps landed on the concrete street that leads towards the parent's house, and with a quick step, Roku was at their door. His hand came up after checking his side for the sword. Without Velis, he'd be in trouble really. He rather face Taurus bare handed than go any time without his sword. When he was getting his license he was utterly worried that he'd need it someway. Though for a toddler? He should be fine. "Good morning sir!" Hit his ears as he turned to a man that had stepped through the door in the early morning with the baby in arms. As if in a hurry, he shoved the child at Roku, leaving the auburn man a little odd guard before the wife and husband quickly ditched down the street.

    His eyes watched the retreating form of the parents before gazing at the child in his arms. For a moment he tried to think of a different plan. When he could, he just shrugs. He pulled Velis from his hip, and cut a hole in the air thus causing a portal to form. He slipped through it with the soon to be crying child. On the otherside, Roku and the child were dropped off atop of a volcano on the deserted plant of Tetsukazu. This particular Volcano had a platform at the top that was placed by some group that had been here before, for Roku it was for training now.

    Time skip about 30 minutes, and the edge of Roku's patients were wearing thing. He'd even gone so far as to leave candy on the other side of the platform as to bribe the child to get up and walk. He had Taurus down in the volcano to push the kid back if he began to crawl. Roku was starting to get angry, and it was beginning to show. His normal hair was periodically flickering into flames, which he would reach over and pat out. Though currently it was like a bone fire atop of his hair. He didn't even realize that the skull-like helmet was forming, nor his body shifting to his cursed start. He was getting that pissed. He went to stand finally after watching the child. His hand as without fail, pulled the newly revealed Terra's Bane from the ground before he began to walk over to the child. Each foot step left a set of cinders behind it. "Move child...Run from me... Roku began to say, the voice reverberating through the hollow shell of a helmet. The child finally turned around, and witnessed what Roku had become. Even Taurus flinched. Without fail, the child got up, and bolted to the otherside to get away from Roku.

    After this, Roku eventually simmered down after chasing the kid some. He scooped him back up and stuffed some candy in his mouth. Terra's bane having disappeared again he had Velis in hand, and returned home through a new portal, leaving the kid and him standing at the door stop at 11:59Pm, just as the parents returned. The child seeing them ran, and bolted for them. He was too scared to stay around Roku any longer. He was a demon, a devil. They rewarded him, and told him he'd done. Though there were words said about their kid smelling like soot from a volcano.


    Teach the kid to walk. (Not sorry) Tumblr_nr17hvPDh31qg78wpo1_500
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