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    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    Pathfinder Empty Pathfinder

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 27th May 2020, 11:13 pm

    Name: Pathfinder
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Map
    Proof of purchase: May Items of the Month: Request (Page 1, Post Number 16), Approval (Page 1, Post Number 17)
    Description: This map will help you find a way where there is no way!

    But it seems you also need a bit of luck with this map. Most of the time it will lead you where you want to go. It’ll try to tempt you off your path, though, by showing you hidden areas of interest that are sure to grant you adventure and riches! Every now and then it gets a wild hair, and if you give in and stray off the path, you might not like what you find.


    Name: Adventure Time!
    Description: Opening up the scroll and speaking out a personalized incantation will magically reveal the area around you for several hundred miles. Just tell it where you wish to go and it will plot a course to it. The user will never be lost again! However, it makes no promises that the route it has plotted will be the safest one, and it also tries its best to tempt the user and potentially their party off the plotted course by revealing points of interest. [The user must have OOC permission to use this ability on a player character, a player-owned NPC, or an Event NPC]



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    Pathfinder Empty Re: Pathfinder

    Post by Saraphina 28th May 2020, 10:30 pm


    Pathfinder B8wCyY5


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