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    Cannibal God Slayer

    Kyra Velkhomme
    Kyra Velkhomme

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    Cannibal God Slayer Empty Cannibal God Slayer

    Post by Kyra Velkhomme 3rd May 2020, 8:10 am


    Magic Name: Cannibal God Slayer
    Magic Type: Slayer
    Proof of Possession: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t41178p75-the-trading-hub#399293
    Description: A cursed lacrima, which once bore the shape of a pulsating heart, despite its metallic sheen. Upon fusing with its eventual user, the lacrima seemingly curses them with a thirst for blood and a hunger for flesh, whether or not it is their true desires. The lacrima allows them to eat Blood, Bone, and Flesh / Meat in order to go into force and to boost their powers.

    The magic is very close-range oriented, however the three elements the magic bears grant different focuses within their own style of combat. Blood is the only long-range option that the magic grants, often sacrificing raw power in exchange for over-time damage or other debuffing effects. Bone hits hard and fast, as well as provides good defense, but there are few gimmicks to it, rarely bearing any extra side effects. Flesh / Meat provides a balance to these, offering more damage than Blood while bearing more side effects than Bone.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability 1: WIP
    • Ability 2: WIP
    • Ability 3: WIP



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