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    Miraculous Modern Medicine


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    Miraculous Modern Medicine Empty Miraculous Modern Medicine

    Post by Percy 10th April 2020, 2:56 am

    Miraculous Modern Medicine

    Magic Name: Miraculous Modern Medicine
    Magic Type: Holder [Solitary Benefit: Associated Holder Weapon/Armor/Item receives 3 additional equipment abilities that are equal to the character's rank (Up to S).]
    Holder Item: H.A.R.M. v1.6
    Proof of Acquisition:
    Description: Since Percy doesn't possess any magic and the strange anti-magic he has can't be used to actually defend himself and people he loves, the young man has put his intelligence to good use. As the head of Dagger Corps' Research Department, he has his hands in both medicine and technology. He has used his extensive know-how and near-genius to enhance his body beyond its usual limits. He's created a programmable medication injector filled with vitamins and chemicals and complete with a secret pill compartment for the trickier combinations. As needed he will configure the serum he needs and inject it into his veins for fast-acting effects, or take a pill if he has time to let it work. This allows him to cause more damage with his hand-to-hand combat, become faster and stronger, and generally makes him more of a viable force in combat. Some medications and vitamins are safe and can even be given to others, but some are not and will hurt him in exchange for the benefits they provide.

    The medication injector draws power from a battery within to maintain the stability of the chemicals within. As such, MP has been replaced with BP (Battery Power), though mechanics-wise it functions identically to MP and shares the same normal pool as the AMP from his first magic.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Muscle Bulk: Percy takes a chemical enhancer every day that expands the capabilities of his muscles, giving him a 60% physical strength buff.
    • Muscle Grease: He also takes a different enhancer to make his body more responsive and quick, giving him a 60% speed buff.



    B ranks:

    advanced spells:


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