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    Taste of Their Own Medicine


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    Taste of Their Own Medicine Empty Taste of Their Own Medicine

    Post by LOTRspartan 6th February 2017, 5:00 pm

    Bully the Bully

    The latest meditation Hiro did was quite an enlightening one. For years he tried refuse and hide the fact he had a demon within him, but after retelling the story of his past to his friends, he knew this was something he couldn't hide any longer. Instead he tried to embrace the fact he had this "thing" inside of him that might not be able to disappear until the day he died.
    And Hiro did accomplish this, but to an essence. Although Oni was still always vying for control, Hiro could tap into that potential inside of him and use it to alter certain appearances, something that may come in handy now.

    He stepped off the train arriving in Magnolia. He got flashbacks of running throughout the city looking for the puppies and was curious on how they were doing under new care. He pushed that thought past his mind and tried to focus on finding the kid, who said he was usually always at the park around one. Hiro arrived at the park to see a small blonde haired boy sitting solemnly on the bench.

    Are you Trevor by any chance? Hiro asked, approaching the small child. His hazel eyes looked up and immediately brightened.

    Are you the mage I requested? You look like a mage!

    Yes I am, Hiro said with a smile.

    Woah, he said with such shock and amazement.

    Hiro knelt down so he could meet the kid face to face. So what's the story about this bully bothering you?

    Noah always teases me because both of his parents are mages while mine aren't so that means he gets fancy powers and I don't. And it makes me upset because I want to join a guild and be all cool with magic and I try and try to practice with magic but can't... Trevor's eyes began to well up a bit before he wiped them away. So what he does is that he always hits me with his water magic that he has and I always come home with my clothes damp. I want you to hit him with your fancy magic and teach him a lesson. He's over on the other side of the park probably teasing more kids.

    Hiro stood up and smiled once again. I won't beat him up for you, but I will make sure he doesn't bother you or your friends again. He ruffled the kid's hair as he looked around to see a group of kids, maybe several years older than Trevor laughing and pushing a kid around. The child runs past Hiro, crying, while his shirt is all soaked with water.

    So what was that all about? Hiro asks, his thumb pointing behind him. You like making kid's cry or something. The bully, Noah, steps off of the fountain he was standing on and looks up to Hiro, at least a good six inches in height difference.

    What's it to ya? Don't make me use my magic on you normal blood.

    Normal blood? Please enlighten me on what that means.

    It's normal people like you without powers. Boring people am I right? He put up his hand and his pals all laughed and gave him high fives. So get lost before I let lose my water magic on you.

    So you just assume that I don't have any powers based off of what?

    That's it old timer. I warned you. Prepare to eat water! Noah gave such a dramatic showing of hands, throwing them up in the air and swinging them around. Then with a forceful motion, he threw his hands down. But Hiro caught something. Noah's eyes looked just past Hiro' shoulders, as if giving someone a signal. He chuckled to himself before creating his speed clones once again and immediately changing spaces with the one next to him. He saw water fall on top of his clone and just faze through. Behind his clone, a child holding a bucket of water.

    All the kid's jumped back. The child holding the bucket immediately dropped it. You're a-a-a, he barely stuttered.

    I am a mage indeed, all the clones spoke in unison. You seemed so surprised mister mage. Or am I getting it wrong? Are you a faker? The clones all gave a short, yet sarcastic gasp. They slowly closed in on the bully.

    Stay back! I'll hit you with my fire water! I'll do it! He turned to look for his posse who weren't there. His eyes frantically darted around, looking at each clone before suddenly being face to face with Hiro.

    His grasp was firmly holding his shirt. I'm giving you a second chance. Don't impersonate a mage. It could get you in big trouble. And if you do ever get and powers, you better not use it to tease and bully other younger children. Or else.

    Or else what? he gave in a barely audible whisper.

    Hiro chuckled to himself. He looked down and closed his eyes. Looking at the bully once again, he opened his eyes. The piercing bright blue stared into Noah's soul almost before Hiro spoke once more, this time the demon voice emerging. Or else I'll come for you.

    He released the child as he screamed and ran off in the other direction. Hiro closed his eyes once again and his eyes returned to their normal brown. As he turned around there he saw Trevor, in shock and amazement.  

    That was so cool! he gave in a delighted shout. He doesn't even have powers. I'm gonna tell everyone and- then he was cut off by Hiro.

    Don't stoop to his level. That makes you no better than him. Understand? The child gave a solemn head nod. Good. And one more thing, Hiro knelt down and put his hand on Trevor's shoulder. When it come to bullies don't ever show weakness, they feed off of it. Instead you need to brace your weaknesses and own up to it. Not only does it make you the stronger person but sometimes the faster you accept something, you may even discover something unique about you. And no matter how many times they still come out you, you must remain strong

    Were you ever bullied?

    Hiro kind of chuckled to himself. Yea I guess you can say that.

    He stood up and began to walk away. He heard Trevor give a disappointing sigh before that sigh turned into shock. The dripping of water droplets hitting the ground peeked Hiro's attention. Trevor let out a quite yet excited "cool," as Hiro heard more water splashed behind him.

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