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    [Job]: Musing of A Retired Mage | solo

    Kaido Kemono
    Kaido Kemono

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    [Job]: Musing of A Retired Mage | solo Empty [Job]: Musing of A Retired Mage | solo

    Post by Kaido Kemono 2nd April 2020, 9:39 am

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    The sun started to rise over the horizon as a few beams of sunlight poured into the room from the window. Kaido groaned softly as he pulled the blanket over his eyes to shield them from the light. After a few moments of trying to remain asleep, Kaido grunted and sat up in the bed. He tiredly rubbed his eyes and yawned as he started to re-familiarize himself with his surroundings. It was a simple room, and there was nothing more than a bed and a desk in the small hotel room that he currently stayed in. The hotel wasn’t that expensive, and it was the perfect place to stay while he visited Magnolia Town. The only thing that he could complain about was the bed, his feet hanged off just a little, but that was to be expected for the price he paid to get this room. Next time he would need to save up more jewels to get a better room, or well at least a room with a bigger bed.

    With another grunt, Kaido swung his legs over to the side of the bed and planted his feet firmly on the carpeted ground. A manor aching sensation in his neck easily died down with a gentle message, and a small pop as he rose forth from his bed and allowed a loud yawn to escape him. He took a moment to stretch before he shuffled to the desk where his clothes were neatly laid out, and started to prepare himself for the day to come. Kaido’s simple attire consisted of white A-shirt and black trousers, over the trousers he wore an extra layer of tan leather that covered his outer thighs and down to his knees. He walked over to the door, where he pulled on his black rider boots, and placed on his belts. When he was done, Kaido looked around the room to see if he was forgetting anything, and then slipped on his black overcoat with a brownish tan fur trim. 

    With that Kaido made sure to grab the keys to the hotel and push the  door open to walk into the hallway. A service woman was cleaning out a room, as he made his way down the hallway, he would ask her not to go into him room until he leaves the motel entirely. Kaido made his way out the back door that was closet to his room and retrieved a cigarette from a breast pocket that was in the inside of his coat; it was also where he kept his iLac. He reached for the lighter that was in his pants pocket, and the lit the cigarette when he was outside. The weather was kinda nice so Kaido slipped his overcoat off and hanged it over his shoulders like a cape. The streets of magnolia were busy as ever, and it made maneuvering through the town difficult. He was supposed to meet with a client a little pub called the ‘Golden Coin’, but he couldn’t find it. Kaido had to turn on his iLac, get the address from the old man, and then put it into the mapping app that was in it. 

    Eventually, Kaido managed to find the location and the old man that he was supposed to chat with. The two would get a table at ta bar, get a drink and simply chat for about an hour or more. The old man talked about how he was a sailor, and hinted that he did a little pirating. He went on about how strong he was back in the good old days, and he told Kaido about some of their stories. Honestly, Kaido found the old man to be fascinating and consumed his stories like a child, and laughed with the old man and enjoyed himself. Eventually, the old man gave Kaido some jewels for spending time with him, and waived away Kaido's protest as the two left the bar.

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