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    Musings of a Retired Mage [job~solo]

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    Musings of a Retired Mage [job~solo] Empty Musings of a Retired Mage [job~solo]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 22nd August 2018, 8:54 am

    Desmond approached a small bench, where there was an elderly man sitting. He did not look vegetated, but he didn't appear to be fully aware of his surroundings, at least not visually. This was probably the reason he didn't seem to respond to the hunter coming forth. So, Desmond cleared his throat, which prompted the man to quickly jolt a bit, clearly startled.

    "Are you the one who made the request for someone to talk to?"

    The elderly man nodded, and patted the bench beside him.

    "Please... Take a seat."

    Desmond sat down, and took off his fedora. Placing his hands on his lap, he then looked at the man waiting for him to recollect what he was going to talk about.

    "I... Was once a grand mage. Retired now, but I was pretty... Strong in my day... You know that?"

    Desmond shook his head questionably.

    "Yes, I was a lightning mage. Rather... Dashing, if I do say so myself. Whenever I displayed my magic or... Just my looks, I would have the ladies all over me."

    "Really now?"

    "Mmhmm. You wouldn't tell that now, I look like a prune and I can barely make a spark..."

    The man held up his finger, and a small blue bolt appeared out of it. The electricity dissipated almost immediately, but there was a faint blue light coming from the elderly man's hand.

    "So, how come you called out to me simply to talk? You can do that without spending money, can't you?"

    The old man made a slight gesture, but he couldn't fully get it done. Desmond assumed it was him shrugging.

    "People are a lot more... Genuine... When you pay them to do things. I learned that myself as a mage. Plus, I just want to contribute to the mage community..."

    "I see..."

    "Mhm. So, let me ask you... What do you hope to achieve by engaging with the world of magic?"

    "I don't want much, just to hunt creatures and fill up my trophy room. That, and to publish my own encyclopedia. You?"

    "I see... I was ambitious... Wanting the world, fame, fortune, women, power... Why don't you want that?"

    "I don't want anything unrealistic. I set my goals, make sure they're pheasably reachable, then just go about accomplishing them."

    "Aww, where did the spunk go in these youngsters? Eh, it's fine... Maybe the world just changes in time?"

    "That it does, sir."

    "Okay... Well, here is your money... Thank you for taking the time to talk to an old prune."

    "No problem at all, sir."

    The elderly man held out his hand, which had a small amount of money in it. Desmond took the money, and stored it almost immediately. The hunter smiled and held out his hand, offering a handshake. He nodded when the old man took the offer, but whipped his hand back when he felt a massive jolt go through it. The elderly man gave a short, wheeze-like laugh, and his hand was surrounded with blue lightning. It died down, and he sat back down on the bench. Desmond clutched his hand, and started walking away, wondering why the man lied about how much magical strength he still had.


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