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    Trail of Death (David Bell/Job)

    Gisen Ceostra
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    Trail of Death (David Bell/Job) Empty Trail of Death (David Bell/Job)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 14th February 2020, 3:46 pm

    0461/7000 words || @David Bell || job info/job sign-up || Appearance
    More and more reports were starting to pile up on her desk and frankly it was starting to frustrate the bunny girl. Though today she wasn’t looking like her normal self, it was a common look to which she used when she was trying to be a little more like a normal person for a change. But today was just from good to stressed within a few Manila folders. With a small sigh, he tossed the small stack of growing pile of reports. ”This is getting ridiculous... this is the third one I sent who like, got really hurt doing this. Silly, what should I do?” She looked over, seeing the small sylph curled up in her sprit form, fast asleep. She seemed to not reply or even flinch at her nickname being said, one which she didn’t even like much truthfully. But after a couple years of it, she just accepted it.

    Starting to shuffle through the papers, a thought popped in her head. ”No no no, I didn’t send anyone else, did I? Shoot shoot shoot!” Beginning to panic, the elemental tossed folder after folder aside until she found one underneath a small pile of mess she had built up trying to clear backlogged paperwork. ”Found it!” She cheered happily, shooting up from her seat and scaring the Sylph from her sleep. ”Sorry, Silvia. I-I gotta run and hurry, I’ll be back soon!” The brief explanation was left at that, storming out quickly and grabbing only the overcoat of her uniform hanging on a rack. With a small sigh, the wind spirit shook her head and jumped off of the small couch, beginning to trail behind the worried girl.

    Rushing to the front reception of the desk, she came to a quick halt and saw a pair of usual receptionist like Knights at the desk. ”H-Hey, d-do you know if Private David Bell left yet? It’s really important I catch him before he goes on his job.” She explained. The look of worry on her face made the pair look to one another and shake their heads back. “No, General. We haven’t seen anyone leave yet for their jobs. You’re more than welcome to sit, relax, and wait for him to come by though.” One knight replied, which put a small smile to her face. ”You’re right. Thanks, I hope it’s not a problem I sit then.” She did just that, getting down and sitting on the ground. ”On the chairs, you numbskull!” A voice called out, looking around until she saw Silvia seated on one of the chairs. ”Whoops!” She would then just stand back up and walk over next to her companion and stand by, brushing herself off of any dirt that kicked up onto her clothes.

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