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    Hack And Slash Of The Dead [Job/Kirahunter & Blank in: Trail of the Death]


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    Hack And Slash Of The Dead [Job/Kirahunter & Blank in: Trail of the Death] Empty Hack And Slash Of The Dead [Job/Kirahunter & Blank in: Trail of the Death]

    Post by Kirahunter 20th November 2017, 10:52 am

    Job Description:

    Vorpal tossed the tourist pamphlet over his shoulder, "Okay I get the story but I think it would grammatically be the Trail of the Dead; either way merchants should've never tried to cross something with either of those names." From his bench on the train platform he looked at a clock on the wall, "His train should be here any minute. I don't really know how I'm supposed to identify the guy though, all I was told was he was a samurai looking dude with red armor. If I wasn't specifically told he wasn't Ardere Kasai I could be expecting him to show up with that description. Ah whatever, I'm sure it'll be obvious enough how many dudes can there be in the world named "Blank?" Probably not enough for two to be on the same train. I wish he'd get here already though." He had only just arrived at the train station nearest the site of the disappearance of the merchants on the last train but was already growing restless. Purging evil and cutting down supernatural creatures was a hard coded into the magic that kept him alive, as a result he found waiting to do those things when he was already on the scene to be rather annoying. Even if he had only been waiting for all of ten minutes.

    Trying to kill a minute or two the sentient sword retrieved the job flyer from a bag on his waist and gave it another look over. "Honestly humans can be so stupid. I don't know why anyone would willingly get that close to the cursed lands. This train station is already pushing it and it has 24 hour security teams hired. To go even closer? For a short cut? Madness. I'm literally a walking talking evil destroying weapon and I don't want to go to the cursed lands alone." The edge of Vorpal's mouth curled into a slight smile, "Well I should be grateful honestly. I wanted an excuse to come out here and try my hand at cutting down hordes of the undead. It's surprisingly hard to find a swordsman willing to come out here for no reason but to kill stuff; but suddenly there are people to save and the guild won't let me come here without one. What a deal!" Vorpal threw his head back laughing at his "good fortune." Mayhaps whoever forged him should have programmed protecting the innocent as coming before destroying evil on his list of priorities. If there was anyone in the station who didn't think the loud shirtless man talking to himself was odd before, they probably did now.

    But before any complaints could be made about his behavior a train started rolling into the station and Vorpal eagerly rose to his feet. He rose to his feet, bells ringing on his belt as he did so, and eagerly began looking for his job partner as the train came to a stop. It was doubtful he would spot Blank in the crowd before his would-be partner saw him; after all everyone nearby had decided on a minimum 15 feet safe distance from the tattoo'd shirtless crazy guy. Just one of the benefits of not caring what people thought about you; and of being rather tall.

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