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    ♔ Entering The Demons' Den ♔ (C/Kitalpha)


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    In Progress ♔ Entering The Demons' Den ♔ (C/Kitalpha)

    Post by Louie 23rd January 2020, 6:33 pm

    Louie Calvin Klein was not a noble, but the way he carried himself through life and all that approached him made you think he was one. An overt hubris, feelings of superiority, an insatiable greed, and a lust for worldly possessions carried him through life so that he felt entilted to everything—even the very ground he walked on and the people who walked on it as well. No, Louie was not a noble, but he is an incredibly wealthy entrepreneur whose aforementioned attritbutes are, albeit negative, allowed him to seize success and gross riches in Napedia. Fortunately, the entrepreneurial spirit did not halt at the Napedian borders, and his lust for exploration and material wealth followed him all the way to the Kingdom of Magic, Fiore.

    Disregarding its formal name, Fiore wasn't as grand as the "Kingdom of Magic" bit might have implied. In fact, it was far closer to a third-world society than a diplomatic, self-sufficient nation. Its rates of crimes were astoundingly high—higher than any other neighboring state—and monstrous beasts frequently ransacked and rampaged all through Fiore, delivering chaos wherever their primitive paws could lay their claws on. Needless to say, it was a very dangerous place to loiter and explore if you were not equipped with the right tools or abilities. As much older, wiser folk had peached before, it was dangerous to go alone, and the most popular solution to this troubling circumstance was Hired Help.

    The Council's solution to fire was to fight it with—well—fire, and Louie couldn't risk his supreme features and flawless figure to be touched or even grazed by a rampaging beast or ne'er-do-well cretins who wished to rob him of his many riches. So, purchasing Hired Help was only a natural step. He wasn't particularly interested in the art of Magic itself so long as the fire he hired burned brighter and hotter than the fire that threatened him. Of course, although he was mediocre and ignorant in the art of Magic, he would always be flawless—the very image of beauty and perfection—and commoners would always be, well, commoners. No matter what they practiced.

    It was the late evening in Capital Crocus. Many day-spas and supreme clothing joints closed shop while clubs and diners opened up for business. Both were places Louie would have ventured to—but not on his own. Yesterday afternoon, he had put up a notice in a similar fashion to how other clients of Fiore had put up quests for a job needs tending to, except his request was far more. . . extravagent. It was forged on wax paper and signed with a particularly unique and formal signature writing "Louie Calvin Klein" in large, thin letters. The jewel reward was equally as handsome as the paper itself, offering a large sum of money in exchange for frequent protection.

    In a wealthier section of Capital Crocus, Louie was rooming at a luxury hotel on its highest floor, waiting inside his suite for his escort. He was sprawled out over his bed, made with creamy white bedsheets and soft, fluffy pillows to adorn it excessively. It had everything one might think a luxury hotel might have—a jacuzzi tub, a kitchen with only the state-of-the-art tools and utensils, a personalized bar, a lacrimavision that covered an entire wall, and a scenic view of the entirety of Capital Crocus. Needless to say, it cost more than most citizens' rent, and probably their value as a human being or otherwise. He lied there, dressed casually in his designer brands, playing on his iLac X Pro, awaiting the arrival of his escort. He provided a rendezvous location on the request and informed the receptionist that he would be expecting someone and would have them direct them to his suite.

    He was frowning to himself while scrolling through social media, an unpleasant glare to compliment his scowling face. What's taking them so long? Abysmal.


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