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    Kitalpha Aurence

    Kitalpha Aurence

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    Kitalpha Aurence

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence on 26th April 2017, 8:51 am


    Kitalpha Aurence


    Name:  Kitalpha ‘Kita’ Aurence
    Alias: Child of the Apocalypse, Untouchable Queen
    Nickname: Pandora
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Birthday: September 27th
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics:

    • Always seems to have a dramatic wind blowing through her hair, even in windstill areas.
    • Her otherwise gentle eyes tend to slit when she gets serious, making them look more threatening.
    • She has six unidentified hexagonal lacrima injected in her upper back; they’ve been there as long as she can remember, but have never activated or shown any significance.
    • Of Aurence Blood || Running through the Aurence bloodline is the manifestation of a demon known as Fenrir within their off-spring; Kitalpha, like her brother, has such a manifestation to which she is a vessel. This Fenrir Demon's curse however evolved differently through-out Kita’s life, becoming more like a mocking companion, and can manifest behind her as the floating upper half of a werewolf, looking life-like, but still spiritual in nature.


    Kitalpha is the personification of the saying “que sera, sera”. Whatever will be will be, and that is how it is. Surely she cares about possible consequences; but when being the one to believe that everything happens for a reason, and that she shouldn’t be messing with that reason because it’s none of her business, Kitalpha just lets it be. Now if someone were to manage making it her business, that would bring about an entirely different story, and plausibly even an entirely different personality will surface if that happens. Sadly enough, one has to convince this loner that they’re worth trusting before she does something so fickle and personally dangerous. Unwilling to show interest in fear of being hated, left or hunted, she convinced herself during the years she was alone to care for little to nothing that reminds her of the bonds she had; only caring for her family and the weakness that children show, as they don’t judge as harshly as most others do. A most ardent trait of Kitalpha, which comes in handy rather well, is the impudence with which she lives her life; not being bothered by the mundane feelings of embarrassment and shame. She could as well be showing herself naked, and would jokingly ask whether they like the view rather than to cover herself up.

    Secretly Kitalpha yearns for people to recognise her strength and being, but keeps composed for the most part. Touching her suddenly can trigger an explosive aggressiveness from this otherwise calm and gentle individual; said aggressiveness also shows whenever she engages in battle. During battle she has no issues with being truly touched, her mind being more keen on having a fun battle to measure her strength and that of her opponent. A battle in her eyes, most-likely also due to the Fenrir genes within her, is more like a way of getting to know one another. She bares her fangs at anyone standing in her way, but can just as easily pipe down if they show their dominance, making her perfect for both the leading and following role when employed in parties with other people. Having lived alone for years on end due to issues in her past, Kitalpha actually honors her name by exerting her own dominance as an Alpha. Although issues may arise when trying to bring her feelings and will across to others, she can still lead them properly and think through solutions if needed. If someone overthrows her dominance she will bow down to it without causing much issues, yet if an order collides with her train of thoughts and ideals, will oppose it without falter. This woman’s willpower however is something nothing can break; she could be on the brink of death and still struggle back unto her feet on sole willpower, capable of moving on even after her consciousness has been long gone. In rare cases her bloodline will trigger, having the Fenrir demon she’s unwillingly linked to leading her body.

    Loyalty is not unknown to Kitalpha, but due to having little contact with people and having been too scared to actually make lasting bonds, has never actually experienced how or what it feels like to show or be shown loyalty. Her bloodline may sometimes cause her to fight or talk in a more savage way, sometimes acting beastly around others when not paying attention. Most at ease within environments untouched by humans, or as soon as the sun has set; stars are this woman’s greatest motivation, and she could easily stay up all night merely to gaze at them and wonder. Food follows right after in second place; being able to be lured in with a tasty dish just like that, but being just as easily triggered if one dared mess with a dish and make it inedible.

    Likes, dislikes, motivations, fears


    • To Me, Stories Are More Than Just Words || The knowledge, pleasure and calmth she gains from reading is amazing. Kita loves how a good story can usurp her thoughts and make her live the story as if she was living through herself, and is ecstatic whenever finding such a book.
    • The Stars That Shower The Helpless || Having been forced to live on her own from a young age due to her own stupidity, Kita learnt about the stars by none other than the stars themselves, becoming captivated by the orbitals spheres and their resonance, to the point she even started believing she was actually one of them. A fallen star, meant to dwell the earth until a chance would arise to ascend once more and join her brethren.
    • Nature’s Calling || Mostly through her family’s upbringing and lineage, Kita’s learnt the pros and cons of wildlife and its kin, knows them by name and has been taught to respect them accordingly. Sometimes she can be found wandering nature aimlessly, solely to enjoy the silence and tranquility humanity cannot grant her.
    • Nightingale’s Melody || Whether it's the music or the song, whenever Kitalpha comes across a singer or a musician, she can't help but to join them. Those who’ve heard her sing consider her voice that of a nightingale’s; beautiful, calming and pure.
    • The Darkness of Night || As soon as darkness falls, or once the night covers the world in its darkest veil, Kitalpha feels most alive. She doesn't fear the dark, nor would she bother becoming scathed by it, merely because it lets the light of the celestial stars shine ever so bright. She believes there can be no darkness without light, nor light without darkness.
    • The Way Through A Girl’s Heart is Through Her Stomach || And that’s to be taken for granted. Offer this girl food; fast food, healthy, home-style or oriental, if it's tasty she’ll eat it and thank you forevermore. Aside from her burgundy life-style, Kitalpha likes cooking the meals she eats just as much, and can create heavenly dishes out of the simplest of things.


    • What A Waste || Letting food go to waste, or ruin a good dish, is something that can tick this woman off right away. Mess with her food, be it on her plate or in her sight, and you might as well kiss your life goodbye… for the fury of this blonde Burgundian is one you don't want to come across.
    • Giving In Is NOT An Option || People who don't fight on when the situation still shows a plausible chance of victory are those she looks down upon. Understanding that not all care to throw away their lives for their cause, she still expects them to do the best they can, and will punish those considered gutless and ridden with cowardice.
    • Forgive My Incompetence || Kitalpha hates disappointing those she allowed herself to become attached to; especially her family. She tries to be an example for her younger cousin, and a model sibling to her brother, although that doesn't always work out quite as well as she hoped for.
    • I’m Not Lost, The Compass Just Broke || Kitalpha might as well be the worst map reader in Earthland up to date. No matter where she is, with what means or how simple the way can be found, Kita will always end up losing her way. Therefore her whereabouts are unknown 99% of the time, merely because she herself doesn't know where she is. It wouldn't even be surprising to have her get lost on a one-way street...


    • A Reunion of Hearts || To unite with her family once more, and mostly with her brother Ezra Aurence, whom she butted heads with quite often as a child, but regretted so after being separated through her own fault.
    • A Star Underneath The Heavens || Kitalpha, although having no true desire to be the best of the best out there, does wish to grow strong enough and make a name for herself. Hoping that both her magic and her music will be able to captivate the hearts of many, and will grant her the fame she secretly wishes for.
    • Proof of Lore || To find ancient astronomical buildings of a long forlorn civilization, or any other proof of humanity having tried to graps and actually hold the stars within their palm.
    • Now What’s Up With This Oz-Fella || We're off to meet the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Whomever this fellow may be, Tyler sung about him, and Kitalpha has made it a quest to go off in search for the Wizard of Oz and drag his ass back over to listen to Tyler’s song.


    • Being Touched || She can accept children touching her without a second thought, but reacts extremely violent to anyone else who would otherwise try to touch her. It’s a mystery as to how she developed this fear however, as even not Kitalpha herself knows how it came to be.
    • To Lose Their Light, Or Mine || Her greatest fear is to lose the blessing of the stars, and to never be able to gaze upon them ever again; in other words, going blind. She loves the view of this world too much to see it become darkened by the damaging of her eyes, or the loss of her eyesight because of it.
    • For I Fear To Be A Burden, Called Unworthy And Despised || Kitalpha fears to be resented by others for who she is, and hence keeps herself neutral most of the time, not willing to bond to anyone due to the fear of being rejected once she does.


    ~ Untouchable ~
    Kitalpha is a young woman in her early adult stages, with a fair skin complexion and a buxom figure. She has long blonde hair that runs all the way down to her back with several bangs hanging over her forehead, and sports medium blue eyes. She also wears a blue headband over her hair to keep it in place. When not in battle, she wears a pair of black, semi-rimmed glasses with the rims sitting below the lenses, as she is myopic. She tends to remove her glasses before a fight despite having myopia, since activation of her magic optimizes all senses including eyesight.

    Her most distinctive feature are her large breasts which are easily larger than those of most other women in Fiore; this is primarily due to her foreign origin. Her wardrobe is also rather unique compared to the standard clothing worn in Fiore and even Earthland, consisting of a long red dress that reaches to her ankles with gold accents. The dress is open at the top, giving view to her shoulders and breasts. The sleeves have crowned shoulder guards that bear the Genetics emblem, which is label of the one who gave her this clothes, saying that if she were to join a guild, the symbol would automatically change to the corresponding symbol. For footwear she wears brown heeled, laced boots which reach up to her knees over long stockings with brown garter belts, although she tends to lose the stockings when summer comes around. She also has a similar outfit in blue, stashed away within her pocket dimension.

    ~ The Makings of a Champion ~
    Her secondary outfit consists of something less conspicuous; a pair of black trousers, a long black coat with black feathers rimming the cuffs and running down the end of the coat (although these feather rims can be taken off) and a large teardrop shaped ornament on the center of the coat, mostly used as a fastener. Kitalpha also dons a black, skin-tight top underneath. her outfit is finished with black heels and a yellow stripe on each shoes. For accessories she wears a pair of hair clips in her hair, both resembling two teardrop-shaped object conjoined with a pale yellow stripe.

    ~ Incognito ~
    Whenever Kitalpha feels the need to go incognito, this is the outfit she calls upon. Her entire body, from the tips of her toes to her neck are wrapped up in beige bandages, only leaving her hands bare. Upon those bandages she wears a full suit of silver armor, a large chestpiece covers her breasts and stomach, but is kept open around her upper back. It lacks shouldepads or protection for the upper arms, but has a full pair of gauntlets wrapped around her lower arms, with the edges towards her upper arms protruding as to cover more of the elbows, even when moving. The armor around her waist ends in such a fashion that it looks like two wings are folded over her backside and go down halfway the back of her thighs. Her lower legs are covered entirely by sturdy, heeled grieves, while the rest of the armor creeps up the frontal side of her thighs. She's usually seen wearing a yukata draped over her waist, like an overly-large loincloth. Lastly Kitalpha wears a mask in the form of an emotionless metallic face to cover her own, and another purple, torn cloth over the mask's eyes. The mask is known by those who wore these armors to be solely for the female warriors; as they had to throw away their femininity in order to become one of these fabled warriors.

    ~ Gilgamesh's Heritage ~
    Most-likely Kitalpha's most favorite outfit; she loves walking around in it but never when in places with masses of people. How she gained it she doesn't know for sure, only that one day when exploring a dungeon the floor underneath her collapsed, and when she awoke again found herself in what seemed to be a tomb, clad in this particular armor. The outfit consists of a partially-equipped golden armor, covering her right arm and shoulder. A black skin-tight top covers her chest, yet doesn't reach far enough and thus leaves part of her breasts uncovered. Lengthy tassets protect her hips and waist, covering the sides and back, but leaving the front only partially covered. She wears a short with tattered edge underneath the tassets to cover herself up some more, while the back has a crimson-hued cloth serving as a train. The grieves around her legs come up halfway her thighs, meeting the tassets there. All of the golden armor is adorned with blueish ornamental drawings, while triangular red patterns cover her pale skin. A thin leather belt hangs loosely about her hips, linking together in the front to become one single leather strip. Her ears are decorated with square-shaped earrings of pure gold, while a similar golden necklace, resembling inverted golden claws, completes her slim neck. When in this form, Kitalpha seems to be more certain of herself, less bothered to take charge and extremely keen on getting people to acknowledge her presence and power.

    Height: 168cm (5’6)
    Weight: 128lbs (58kg)
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Crimson (were blue initially)
    Skin tone: Slightly Tanned
    Guild: Guildless
    Tattoo: If ever aligning herself with a guild, Kitalpha will have the crest placed on the left side of her chest, just above her heart and black in color.
    made by: sairri


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    Re: Kitalpha Aurence

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