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    [Job Thread] Breaking and Entering.


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    Private [Job Thread] Breaking and Entering.

    Post by WinnieJr 4th February 2018, 10:36 am

    Stefan wasn't ahppy about this whole playing cat and mouse game. He took his first job... which in his head was a lot easier than this. Find some bad guys and kick ass... it was very straightforward, but he wasn't quite sure where they were at, so it made it a bit harder to find them. Scorpio kept yelling that it would be fun and that he could use the practice of fighting..Well, news flash Scorpio there isn't any fighting. Just searching and searching. He had a partner with him... He wasn't sure where he was from or what guild he was apart of... Even if he was apart of one. It was strange working with someone else, but he had this job wasn't the easiest, so he liked the idea of company and backup.

    Walking around a colossal shipping co wasn't fun at all. Stefan wasn't quite sure where to look for these asshole of criminals. He thought maybe his friend knew.... "So, umm. The name is Stefan....... You wouldn't know where these guys are by any chance would you?"

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