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    To Earthland And Beyond!


    To Earthland And Beyond! Empty To Earthland And Beyond!

    Post by Guest 11th January 2020, 6:34 am

    Rose Garden was a magical place in more ways than one and as the long limbed mage made her way through the lovely location, a smile was constantly on her face. It was truly a wonder of Fiore although it was a shame that the locals didn’t seem to have the same serene grace that the town itself seemed too. Sadly, they all seemed to be in an uproar today and as Vanita reached the back of the line, she couldn’t help but sigh, the smile leaving her face as she watched the ruckus in front of her. It appeared that she wasn’t the only visitor today and judging from the noise, those waiting before her had been there for quite some time.

    The news about the new deals agreed by Fiore and the other nations had naturally attracted the interest of all kinds of people with families, business men and women, as well as mages such as the purple haired woman, who were all patiently or unfortunately in most cases, impatiently waiting their turn to collect a passport. The staff working behind the desks seemed completely overworked and by now the queue had reached a point where the mage could barely even make them out. What she could make out though was the behaviour of those in front of her and it wasn’t a pretty sight. There was pushing and shoving, as well as screams and shouting as those waiting in front of her tried to barge their way forward.

    Feeling rather sorry for those trying to help, the mage would briefly surround herself with her magic, becoming invisible and accidentally scaring the life out of those around her with her sudden trick. She’d then move quietly towards the front of the queue and then around the back of the desk, so that she was standing besides the staff. It was only then that she’d re-emerge and call out to the annoyed people in the queue, amplifying the sound of her voice through magical means, “Alright, I think that’s enough pushing and shoving for one day. I’m sorry for the delay but we’re doing the best we can. Please remain calm and we’ll get to you as soon as possible. Thank you.” The crowd seemed to relax somewhat and the staff seemed rather grateful too, with even a few small smiled forming across their faces. Without thinking all that much about it, the mage herself would then pick up an empty passport and start to help out, having to learn quite quickly what was needed to be asked and the process behind creating a passport. Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult and she soon got the hang of it.

    By the end of the day, the queue had finally dwindled away to nothing and as the sun started to set, a noticeably tired mage wiped her brow, a smile once more across her face. It'd been a lot of work but the purple haired woman was just happy to have been able to help out and in gratitude, the staff had granted her own passport free of charge, which was now happily resting in her pocket. The day hadn’t got quite gone how she’d thought it would but it had turned out to be an enjoyable one nonetheless.

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