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    Marisa Deveaux


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    Post by Sanguine 24th December 2019, 2:59 pm

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    Name: Marisa Deveaux
    Rank: -
    Type: non-combat
    Proof of Purchase: Proof
    Description: Marisa is a very shy and reserved person. She had once been a very kind and caring individual, traits of which she still carries with her to date, however she was “persuaded” into harsh change in her personality towards her newly given life. Once born an orphan, she had been adopted by a couple whom provided her with every orphans dream life. Everything she ever wanted, she was given. However, the day she had turned 18, she was conditioned to a contract and sold into slavery. She was changed from that point on, given no choice in any matter but to what she would be taught to look forward to in her life. Her cheerful attitude was broken and she was resolved into becoming more lifeless, like a shell that had just been told what to do while playing a face of a happy person. It was fate for her that she was sold off to someone whom she didn’t know until well after the initial time of her auction. A future maid to be bought by a maid was a fun fun twist for sure, however she was not there to buy for the guilds sake. At least not entirely at least. No, Marisa would happily served under Sanguine before anyone else, joyed to know she was still a person after everything she went through.
    Abilities: -Affluent Tongue: Marisa is able to pick up on nearly every language that she hears. Normal type of languages are known without an issue, however any more advanced/unique types would require OOC permission to be able to know.


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    Post by Ray Jyx 19th January 2020, 1:48 am


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