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    To Earthland and Beyond

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    To Earthland and Beyond Empty To Earthland and Beyond

    Post by Digit v2 12th December 2019, 8:34 am

    A very magical town for a not so magical venture, according to Levinia, but this place had its advantage: she didn't stand out too much. It was a given that wherever magic was involved, there was bound to be a freakshow here or there. Wrapped from head to toe in bandages always got people staring at her, but in a town where it was not far fetched to see a horse with two heads, she could almost say she fit right in. It was a very colorful place, and there was so much to take in, so much to distract. It was like this was a place that showed off the magic of Fiore. She had once heard someone say that places where magic was rife always brought disaster sooner or later, but this place so far seemed to be secure against such... at least, up until this point.

    Levinia took in all the sights as much as she could, as she walked along the wide thoroughfare. Everything seemed to be infused or invested in magic. Even the victuals seemed to be no exception. The street lamps also were magic-powered. She found herself thinking of how much money had gone into the establishment of this town, and how many people would look on this place with unease, and even disgust, what with the very large number of people who couldn't use magic to save their lives in Fiore.

    She soon stopped at an office, which from the looks of it, was where she was going. It had "Immigration Office" boldly written above its double doors. There was a small crowd of people milling about its entrance, and one or two were making their way in. The latter ones she followed. Within, she found a few queues which were being managed by stern faced officials. It was clear that their job was to maintain a sense of decorum as people sought to attain the much desired passport. She walked up to one of them and asked what the lines were for. The man looked at her, a very brief expression of surprise crossing his face, before it vanished. Probably it was because he didn't expect a feminine voice from such a weird creature as herself. He responded anyway, and informed her that the queues were divided into mages and non-mages, which were further subdivided for easier service.

    "Thank you. May I know where the queues for mages would be?" she asked, though she was sure that they would be the shorter lines. He gestured to some lines towards the far end of the room, then asked: "What guild?"

    She shook her head. "I'm currently guildless for now, but I guess I should work on that shortly." He nodded slowly, then directed her to an even shorter line than all the others in the room. She thanked him again, stepped behind the last person, and waited.

    What the line lacked in numbers, it made up for in scrutiny. She, as well as those who came before her, were barraged with a lot of questions (trick and otherwise), to ensure that they were not dark mages, and would make Fiore proud if they were given the passports. She answered all their questions satisfactorily, because they asked her to place her thumb over some sort of scanner, and then they issued her a passport. Whatever other bio-metric details they required had been magically obtained through the scanner, they said.

    Once she received the passport, she took her leave. This would hopefully be the beginning of great travels and great adventure. And hopefully, she would find what she was searching for... if not in Fiore, then beyond it.

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