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    Hoedown Throwdown (S/aeluri/Esper)


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    In Progress Hoedown Throwdown (S/aeluri/Esper)

    Post by Ahote on 4th December 2019, 4:58 pm

    308 words || @aeluri @Esper|| job info/job sign-up || Darkies just wanna have fun~

    Earlier today...

    It was early in the morning—no later than six o' clock, an hour where Boomslang was silent. Even though nothing was happening, Ahote was still inside as he would normally be at any time of day, brooding over something or contemplating. The club had originally been an asylum for him after Basilisk Fang's demise but eventually transformed into a sanctuary for him to share, surprising even himself with its growth. People, scoundrels or not, congregated here for business, for fun, or to distract themselves from some misery they were burdened with.

    As a result of Boomslang's unintentional success, Ahote's pockets were notably heavy. He obtained substantial wealth in comparison to the average laborer and was given opportunities to expand his business. It might've been good news for people who were planning to reach this goal, but Ahote was stumped.

    Inside the dark and quiet Boomslang, lit with dim ceiling lights alone, Ahote stood on the serving end of his bar counter with two papers in front of him. One was an application for positions at Dagger Corp and the other was a thick packet of plots and available land for sale. He had deliberated between the two for about a day now, wondering what to do.

    "Hm." mumbled Ahote, tapping his jaw with his finger in contemplation. He felt himself become indecisive the more he looked at the papers, pondering his future as a businessman. He had settled into the lifestyle more comfortably than he had anticipated. Once a terrorist of great infamous value now a somewhat modest man with a picturesque club with desires more appropriate for his current lifestyle than his former. He didn't particularly dislike it but he knew he might have been the "boring one" in all of his coteries. In many ways, Ahote had changed very little since Basilisk Fang's disbanding.

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    Diana Winchester
    Diana Winchester

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    In Progress Re: Hoedown Throwdown (S/aeluri/Esper)

    Post by Diana Winchester on 5th December 2019, 11:01 pm

    -Boomslang, 6 A.M.-

    Wearing a navy blue long-sleeved shirt with navy blue cargo pants and black boots, Diana was ready for trouble in case it had decided to follow her to Boomslang, a place she had visited a few times before. Earlier this morning Diana had read about the results of her work in Hargeon Town in a newspaper. The Hargeon Batboys were wiped out to a man and the police were stymied. The official report was that there was no firm evidence that pointed to a suspect, but in between the lines the police did not seem to be in any hurry to investigate because the streets were made a little bit cleaner. However, in a follow-up article the mayor railed against "reckless vigilantism" and vowed to do everything he could to bring the vigilante to justice as part of the morality campaign.

    Diana was only mildly surprised that the mayor would try to apprehend the vigilante because the individual made him look bad and exposed his campaign to "bring morality back to Hargeon Town" as nothing but a stunt. She thought that he would have appreciated someone helping him clean the streets, but no good deed went unpunished. Oh well. The Hargeon Batboys street gang was dead and buried and would not come back to terrorize Hargeon except through the work of a necromancer.

    Diana stepped into the club and once her night vision activated was immediately struck by how silent and how empty it was. The last few times she had visited Boomslang the music was so loud that she could not even hear herself think. She also could not even walk without bumping into someone, but now the club was empty and silent, empty except for her and a man standing at the bar counter. He must have been this "Ahote" that the letter had mentioned. Walking towards him while glancing around in anticipation of an ambush from The Shadow Collective or any other group who wanted her dead, Diana approached "Ahote" and spoke to him.

    "Hello there." Diana calmly greeted "Ahote."

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