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    Passport Skeletons

    Necromancer Eon
    Necromancer Eon

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    Passport Skeletons Empty Passport Skeletons

    Post by Necromancer Eon 10th October 2019, 1:31 am

    It was a beautiful day today, the sun was high, not a cloud in the sky, and the streets of Rose Garden were bustling with busy people going about their day. Well to anyone else it would be a perfect day to go outside and be productive. That did not apply to those who were waiting in line for their passports. Ever since the Magic Council had opened up borders people have been flocking Rose Garden and Hargeon Town for their own passports. Like any other business or office, it had a time when it opened and a time when it closed, making the number of people who could get their passports in a day have a limit.

    And as Eon looked at the massive line of people that Rose Garden’s passport office was slowly growing, Eon decided that the line was beneath him and was not going to wait in line with the other people. “Hmm…” He sulked away, humming to himself as he devised a way to get a passport while spending as little time as possible in line, if not at all. As he thought of a way, he also thought of why he was going for a passport.

    He had plans to use the passport, plans that didn’t involve going out and doing jobs in other countries. The passport would merely make it convenient for him to travel between areas unhindered, so long as no one knew that he had one. It could be useful in fleeing the country if he ever found the need to.

    Then an idea formed in his minds. “Hahaha! This...this is it, this shall do it.” He chuckled as he ducked into an alley way and schemed. There wasn’t a rule in place about having someone else wait in line for him.

    With that in mind, he started to summon an undead to do his bidding. A simple one for a simple task. WIth a crazed smile he watched as his spell, Drag From Beyond, brought to him a picked clean white skeleton, just as he had wanted. He began putting some of his attire on the skeleton, mostly his hooded cloak, and mask. He also added precaution to make sure that the attire didn’t fall off and reveal the true nature of the summon, that being of a corpse. He sent the disguised skeleton off to wait in line for him while he went about Rose Garden to do some sightseeing.

    He stopped by the line every once in a while to check on how far the skeleton was in line. In the meantime he had enjoyed a meal, played a few games in a gambling parlor, browsed and bought a few books and more. A final check 8 hours into sending the skeleton in line showed that he was close enough to the front that Eon could wait out the last few minutes in the line. He slipped into the line,taking his summons place as the thing was dismissed and the disguise collapsed onto the floor. To a bystander it would look like a mage had animated his clothes to wait in line for them

    Eon left Rose Garden with a passport in his pocket and his mood faring better compared ot the moring’s.


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