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    To Earthland And Beyond

    Caitlin Yaguar
    Caitlin Yaguar

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    To Earthland And Beyond Empty To Earthland And Beyond

    Post by Caitlin Yaguar 17th September 2019, 6:38 am

    This wasn’t how she wanted to spend her first day of freedom but the bloody council had been surprisingly strict about it and so the already pissed off redhead had found herself travelling to Hargeon Town. She’d been there before her incarceration although her memories were a little hazy about what she’d actually done there. A job? A fight? A night of booze and fun? It could have been any of those things but sadly, today didn’t seem like it would be any of them. No, she’d come to claim a passport, a task which sounded as dull as listening to a council member preach but apparently everyone needed one to travel abroad so here she was.

    The place was absolutely packed when she arrived and with a frustrated sigh, Kalama joined the back of it and very quickly began to lose what little there was of her patience. Everyone around her was going ballistic and she was soon being pushed and shoved by people of all ages, as they tried to cut in front of her or out of simple frustration and impatience. The people behind the desks at the front dealing with the situation were completely useless, with only a couple of hapless guards who were just standing there and letting it all happen left to support them. It was a disaster waiting to happen and after receiving a forceful push from behind, it unsurprisingly was Kalama who kicked things off properly. Without any thought, she turned around and threw a punch towards the male was who was right behind her, smashing him in the side of the head and knocking him backwards into those waiting behind him.

    Things quickly escalated after that and a riot was quick to break out, with fists, chairs and whatever else people could get their hands on going flying. It became an absolute madhouse and the tattooed redhead simply laughed and quickly cut her way through the madness, using the diversion to make her way towards the desk and the workers who were cowering behind it. Naturally, she got in a few shots along the way and her hands were bleeding a little as she reached them.

    “Since everyone else seems a little busy, I guess it’s my turn, yeah?” she shouted over the din of the brawl, “My name’s Kalama.”

    “You expect us to handle your passport now?” one of the female workers said, “I know it was you that threw the first punch, I saw you knocking that guy out. I should call the guard.”

    “Not sure if you’ve noticed but it looks like they’ve pissed off,” Kalama said with a grin, nodding behind the group, “How about you just do what I ask you before things get worse?”

    “All right, no need for threats, Ma'am,” the woman answered nervously, before quickly standing up and dealing with the formalities. When it came time to take a picture of her, Kalama simply took a step back so that the ruckus behind her could be in the shot and made a crude gesture with both hands. The woman shook her head but took the picture anyway and within minutes, the task was done and the yellow eyed woman had what she had come for.

    With a simple nod, she would then leave the way she came, having had enough of Hargeon for a while.

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