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    To Earthland and beyond!

    Tsubasa Kageyama
    Tsubasa Kageyama

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    To Earthland and beyond! Empty To Earthland and beyond!

    Post by Tsubasa Kageyama 1st April 2019, 9:59 am

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    “Alright so please explain how I use y— Er… how you can help me,” Kameyama murmured quietly to the AI around his neck. Using the phrase 'use you' on a seemingly sentient being felt strange. More than that, he still felt considerably exposed speaking to his own necklace, but it was reassuring that no one was looking at him as though he was odd. It was probably more strange that he was whispering than that he was speaking to it at all. His attention was focused on the AI rolling around his neck as he travelled through the city back towards the port. His plan was to travel along the shore until he found something of interest.

    “Well, I offer various online services, make records of your travels, to an extent and I’m an overall traveling companion!” Optix responded, rolling around the thin, leatherish band of Kameyama’s necklace as he spoke. Contrasting the serious man’s demeanor, his cute little AI seemed to be playful and eager. “I can let you know of any important shops in the area, connect to other users — as long as you have their contact information — and tell you about local public news! All from the safety of your neck. I’m lightweight and durable, solar powered and water resistant up to 10 meters! Isn’t that great?”

    “It’s… actually really convenient. How are you with electricity?" He asked, finally tearing his attention from the little robot to look around. As he’d turned towards the docks, there was a line of people that he’d slowly been passing without noticing.

    “Uh. Low levels have been shown to cause no damage but anything higher is… Unverified. Why?” Optix’s round eyes tilted upward slightly in a show of concern.

    “It’s kind of my thing,” Kameyama responded. “Can you tell me what’s going on with this line? Some kind of big concert or something happening here?”

    “Goooood question, as expected,” The miniature AI responded. She rolled around the strap a few times then popped back to the neck charm with a little leap, “It seems this is a line for passports. Signing up for one today will allow you to travel to other lands beyond Fiore. According to local research, today’s line is actually the shortest this week! Might be a good day to check it out. Oh! Look at that, I’ve already put you on a waitlist for today. Now you can come back right at 4PM and begin the paperwork process. Shall I set a reminder? I already did! The passport is as good as yours!”

    The salty breeze filled his nostrils as Kameyama allowed himself a moment to take in his surroundings. What a beautiful port town. He adjusted his coat, particularly the sleeves, and said, “So tell me more about these recommended restaurants.”


    Hours later, after filling out countless mounds of paperwork with the help of Optix, Kameyama turned in the last of it and said, “So when do I get the thing?”

    “Just about now,” Said the friendly clerk, typing some information on the computer. He connected Optix into the machine then handed her back to Kameyama. “When you signed up for the passport, you selected the digital passport option. Your passport has been uploaded into your iLac for safekeeping. There is no concern of losing it, provided you keep your device on you at all times.”

    “So this thing’s my passport now too?” Kameyama asked.

    “Yes sir. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

    “Forget grasping magic. These new surges in technology are gonna be hard enough.”

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