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    Lucky You [Free-Form Job]

    Mura Kensho
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    Lucky You [Free-Form Job] Empty Lucky You [Free-Form Job]

    Post by Mura Kensho 30th July 2019, 5:26 am

    Job Info:
    Huh… this request suited the young Onmyōji a lot. A simple noon right after having returned from the Neutral Grounds zone, Mura felt energetic enough to go out again since he usually had lots of things to accomplish as part of his daily duties here in Fairy Tail. There was also another reason, but he decided to keep it a secret until that reason was no more. It was from the ambassador of Midi, the respected elder that had his residence and office in the capital Crocus. It didn’t specifically request for anything life-threatening as taking care of invaders, enemies, monsters or such things, but for a rather lowkey calm request, Mura immediately felt the pressure of the effect that he, specifically, could give this mission.

    First and foremost, the ambassador felt unlucky nowadays and wanted the mage to bring him a Maneki Neko - a beckoning cat. Not exactly a living cat, but it was a decorative item from Midi that was said to bing good luck. It resembled a cat lowering one raised paw as a sign of ‘beckoning’, which would bring good fortune. Mura’s family had a lot of Omamori’s (lucky talismans) and Daruma’s for the little girls (Bodhidharma dolls, despite the fact that his family followed Shinto beliefs), but they never got themselves a Maneki Neko. The shaman couldn’t help but giggle as he found the perfect opportunity to amplify the luck that he was ready to bring the ambassador with one of his new spells - a spell that many great Onmyōjis had used almost greedily.

    Soon, he found himself in Crocus despite the distance between that and Magnolia. The embassy was easy to find as it graciously wielded the Midian flag, the flag of his homeland. And it was quite a shock for the ambassador to meet a Fairy Tail Wizard who had such strong ties to his country. The conversation went as followed:

    “UWAH!” The ambassador was shocked to see Mura enter through the opened window and almost called the guards if Mura didn’t speak up: “I’m here to answer your call, chill, chill…” With a rather disbelieving look, the ambassador did know that he sent flyers out, and yet Mura’s entrance was irrational enough to put him off. “Heh, s-sorry about that. Saikin dō?” “… O-Oh, maido. You’re from Fairy Tail, I assume from your Guild Crest… and from Midi too given by your greeting.” The ambassador calmed his nerves down and stood straight and respective in front of the shaman, bowing as well as Mura did so.

    Mura went straight to the point and showed him the Maneki Neko. Before the ambassador could smile and speak words of gratitude, Mura insisted that he could bring more luck and fortune I he was brought a minute. “J-Just a minute? What do you plan to get me now, Mage-kun?” That was when Mura sat down and summoned three light orbs in the air. At first, the ambassador didn’t know what he was up to, but the words ‘Taizan Fukun’ were very familiar…

    “An Onmyōji…?” the ambassador spoke up in curiosity. Mura smirked and replied: “The very best. Here you go; your life span is increased.” The light orbs accepted Mura’s prayer and filled the ambassador with life energy that would grant him a good chunk of extra years on this earth. Despite not knowing much about Onmyōdō, the ambassador was thankful and granted Mura a reward for his effort.

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