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    Nightly Recon


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    Nightly Recon Empty Nightly Recon

    Post by Fuyue 25th July 2019, 7:59 am

    Walking down the road leading to Sakuramori, blonde guy called Fuyue focued his eyes on big, shiny object far away. It was called moon, and it felt like a family to mage of Silver Wolf. Maybe because of his blessing, or maybe because he was in the guild full of wolves - amber-eyed boy wasn't sure. It didn't really matter to him why. Feelings didn't need an explanation - in his mind at least. Shaking his head to get rid of these thoughts, blonde focused on his job. Mapping out Sakuramori. It was quite important and dangerous job, considering how unknown this forest was. Travelers, herbalists and merchants need some kind of map that would show them the safest road through the forest. Fuyu employers told him that he just had to point out dangerous spots like feeding grounds of some beasts or their nests. No fighting - at least if everything went good. Mage doubted that it will.

    Crossing forest's threshold, blond guy focused on his heightened senses. Considering how dark it was, his hearing would be the most important factor in detecting monsters. Getting ready to start his job, mage took out a map and pen from his coat pocket. After that, he circled 1/4th of the forest. It was supposed to be the region he was planning to scout. Mapping out entire forest would take too long, and from what he heard, it wasn't needed. Fuyue's plan how to go about it was simple. He would start from borders of the entire forest, and slowly he would start moving towards its center - while remembering that he wasn't supposed to map out entire Sakuramori. The only problems mage could foreshadow were monsters and chances of getting lost in this forest.

    Finally starting his job, after making sure that he was prepared for everything, Fuyue began scouting area that he chose. First few minutes were quite calm. He met only non-dangerous animals like squirrels, birds or foxes. Nothing worth mentioning to his superiors. The closer he got to the center of a beautiful forest, the more unique animals started appearing - like wolves, bears and tigers. He saw a pack of wolves hidden in their den and marked it on the map. After them, he met a tiger who was currently hunting deer. Looking around the area, he could deduct that it was some kind of hunting ground for the beast, so he also marked it. The bear he saw however, looked to be casually strolling through the forest, so Fuyue was unable to mark him properly. He had to follow him a bit, before being able to find his nest. Since it was easy to get lost in the forest as big as Sakuramori, blonde preferred to move by the trees. It made deducting his position easier.

    Continuing his job, Silver Wolf started meeting magical beasts. At first, they didn't seem especially dangerous. Just magical. Fuyue didn't know them however, so he marked them anyway. Specialists could deduct if they were dangerous based on his description. The appearance of magical beasts told him that it was time to start being extra careful. On his way further into the forest, he met clearly more dangerous races. Bear with red eyes full of iron spikes or huge black lion with fire blowing from his mouth. Fuyue decided to mark all area beyond this point as extremely dangerous - available only to at least B-Rank mages. Still, he had a job to complete, even when in his current state fighting with these monsters would end in his death. Having experienced living in wildlands, Fuyu was able to barely avoid dangerous beasts. Near the center of Sakuramori, mage saw overgrown lizard with wings. It wasn't a dragon, but wyverns still were dangerous enemies.  Having safety of travelers in mind, he marked this area as recommended for at least A-Rank mages. Marking precise lairs and hunting ground became harder gradually, and it was quite impossible to deduct "safe zones" when wyvern was a problem. Feeling like he completed his job quite nicely, Silver Wolf mage started heading back. Of course, this mission couldn't end without a fight.

    While going back, a blond guy slipped on the tree and fell down. Right into the area, where Vulcan was resting. Grumpy beast woke up because of the noise he made and focused his eyes on him. "...shit." Fuyue said under his breath and quickly stood up from the ground. Beast already started walking towards him and it grabbed some stone on its way. The amber-eyed boy started calculating his chance of winning against Vulcan in his current state. While they weren't very strong species, without magic beating him would be hard. Mage calculated that he had about 10% chances of killing this beast. Before he could decide what to do, Vulcan hurled at him quite a big stone. Silver cub jumped to the side, narrowly avoiding missile and started running towards the monster. He had one advantage over him. Speed. When he was in his range, green Vulcan threw a fist at the teenager. Another narrow dodge later, Fuyue used his triumph card in this fight.

    Focusing power of the light in his hands, he created a crescent-shaped blade shining like a crescent moon. The strong light stunned the monster for a bit, which gave silver cub enough time to cut its tendons in both calves. Beast roared in pain, and blonde decided that it was time to run. Dispersing his sword, he started quickly moving through the trees towards the exit from the forest. Vulcan followed him for some time, but finally, it had to give up. Surviving this accident, Fuyue went to Hosenka to report his finding and recommend which zones were too dangerous for travel.

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