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    Witches ID


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    Witches ID Empty Witches ID

    Post by Wren 21st June 2019, 7:33 pm

    624/500 words || @tagged || To Earthland and Beyond / Page 16, Post n°388 || short note here
    It had happened so fast. One moment she had been about to attempt to cast a curse on the group of witches who were tormenting her, and the next, she, her broom, and Nanny were all dumped here in this whole new world! Literally. She just fell and was sprawled on the cold ground, head hurting, and aching all over her body. Did she actually cast a strong spell? Or was her wish to be away from the group and her old life there that strong it redirected it at her and teleported her here? Wherever here was that is… She picks up the black cat in her arms, and looks around while she gets to her feet. She was still wearing her little black dress, and her curled and pointed black hat. Next to her feet was her black broom that she wondered if it could still even fly… The sky here was different than Sailkians skies, so she knew it wasn't her world. She wondered if her magic still worked… she didn't feel any different. "Up." She commands, holding her hand over her broom. Instantly, the wooden handle of the broom shot up and was in her hand. A squeal wanted to escape her lips, but she held it in as she finally realized that there were voices not too far from her. The voices were coming round a building it seemed.

    She took her broom, and holding onto her cat close, she began going towards the building where she heard the noises coming from. There were people that were coming around the other side of it and towards the docks. She was apparently near some… Wren pushes her glasses up and walks forward to get a better look of her surroundings. She had been standing in an alleyway and those people didn’t seem anything like the people she knew. Slowly, she began to walk up with her cat in her arm, and her broom clutched close. She takes a deep breath and walks up to the first stranger there. “Hey! Where am I?” She questions him with a pout on her lips. The man, who she tugged on the sleeve of, turned around and blinked to her. “You’re in Hargeon Town, kid. Now get lost and go find your mommy, boy.” The man yanked his elbow away and left Wren standing there, blinking in shock. She looked like a boy to that man?! “Hey Mister! I’m not a boy! And I’m not a kid!” She snarls and kicked her leg out at the man.

    A woman had seen the little spectacle and came over. “Miss? I heard you say that you weren’t a boy… and that you weren’t a kid?” Wren pouts, but nods. “Where I’m from I’m twenty-four! I’m not some child!” She puffs her cheeks up and crosses her arms over her chest as Nanny had jumped out of her arms to the ground. “So you don’t have any ID on you? Maybe you should wait with the rest of us and get yourself a passport to have some sort of ID on you?” She questions. Wren blinks as she never thought of that… her personal belongings were left back home… so she had nothing here… It was now, or never! Time to restart her life anew! Wren grinned as she leaned on her broom. All she had to do was wait in line and get herself a passport. Easy! She had Nanny there anyways if she wanted to be entertained. So, with all the hustle and bustle going on around the docks, Wren waited her turn in line and eventually got herself a passport. It was boring, and long, and hot, but at least she got her passport!

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