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    A Witches Occupation


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    A Witches Occupation Empty A Witches Occupation

    Post by Wren 22nd June 2019, 1:04 pm

    * - 500/500 words || Potion Making Assistant / Page 16, Post n°388 || short note here
    ** - 590/500 words || D Neutral Freeform / Page 21, Post n°501 || short note here
    After Wren had successfully gotten two forms of ID, she stuck it into her hat. Now she needed to figure out how to make some money around here… She left the driving school by getting on top of her broom as she had before, Nanny sitting in front of her, and simply flying off. The few people who were there were a bit shocked that she had gotten her drivers license, but left on a flying broom? She guessed a flying broom wasn’t too common here… oh well. It’s her personal mode of transportation. She didn’t care. She flew a bit over the land, holding onto the map she was given once more. Where would be the best place to find a job… maybe the capital? Crocus according to the map. She wondered just what exactly she’d be able to do for a job… She hoped it was something better than just being a punching bag for others. She wouldn’t let that happen again. Stuffing the map away, Wren grins to herself. She’d find something much better. Something worthy of her talents!

    Flying into Crocus, Wren looks around the big city. It looked magnificent to her! Never had she ever been to some place that looked so big! Or at least clean! She seemed to shine as she flew slow and lowly on her broom. This place was simply great! She had just gotten to this Fiore, and it was nothing like she had ever imagined! She felt she still had her magic, and couldn’t deny she was loving this place. Despite her not having a home, people here seemed much nicer to her, even if she didn’t have strong magic either! She couldn’t believe it! Was she dreaming? Was this the afterlife? Or was it something worse like being captured and being experimented on and this was what they wanted her to see? She pinched herself and felt the pain. So probably not a dream or being experimented on… While flying and thinking to herself, a sign got her attention. ‘Now Hiring!’ It read. She gasped as she quickly directs her broom towards the sign and lets herself slip off smoothly while grabbing Nanny and her broom. She looked up at the sign above the shop, and her eyes lit up. Nelson’s Apothecary. She knew that word! They made medicines! Sometimes potions could be medicines!

    She walked right in and smiled a bit. That smile dropped though. She didn’t see anyone there, and the bell hanging on the door didn’t seem to alert anyone. “Hello~? I saw your sign outside!” She calls out as she looks around a bit. She looks around at all the jars of herbs and bars of salves. She felt at ease here. Remedies galore… She made her way towards the counter and leans her broom against it while still holding Nanny in her arms. “Hello? Is anyone here?” She says towards the curtain behind the counter. A startled noise came from behind it before* a young man came frantically out from behind the curtains. “What?! Someone came?! Oh! Great! Hi! How may I help you?!” He seemed rather excited that someone was in his shop. His excitement dropped though as he looked to the small person behind his counter. Wren reaches into her hat and pulls out her drivers license that showed her age and sex. “I’m wanting to help out. I saw your sign out front. Can I help please?”

    The man looked to the ID, then glanced to Wren, who was pursing her lips. Should she somehow find a shirt that says she’s a girl? Start stuffing her shirt to make her look like she had bigger breasts? Wear more ‘mature’ clothing? She shook her head slightly at that thought as Nanny slips out of her arms. “I’m looking for someone to help me make potions… you think you can do that?” Wren’s brown eyes lit up. “Can I?! Making potions is my specialty!” She exclaims as she leaned up on her toes. With a deep breath, the man nods. “I’m Nelson Haggery. I’ll need you to help me develop a new potion to sell. I have a potions station behind the counter that you can use, and if you need some more ingredients, I have some up here in the shop.” He explains as he watches Nanny being careful while walking around. Wren taps her chin as she smiles and nods. Nanny had mewed as Wren holds her thumb up towards Nelson before jabbing it back at herself. “Leave it to me! I’ll make something that helps wonders!” She declares before grabbing her broom and going around the store to see what all he had there.

    She noticed the various potions that were already there, and let her eyes wander over all of them. Potions for stomach ache, ear aches, watery eyes, dry mouths… She taps her chin and looks over to Nanny, who was looking up at a shelf with some ingredients on it. Quickly, Wren goes over and sees what’s there. “That’s it!” She gasps as she grabs a few things before running back towards the potion station. The station didn’t seem to have what she needed, so she was glad she grabbed the potions she did. Nanny followed her and sat on the chair behind Wren as she went to work on making the potion. She slaved over it and started mixing the small batch before she sniffed it. “It’s great, Nanny! They have the same stuff as Sailkian does! This potion will be easy to make!” She giggles. And she was right. The potion made a poof sound as grey smoke plumed up from it.

    She brings it out and a paper that had the recipe on it, and hands it to Nelson. “Here! From my home world we have a potion for healing achy joints and makes them feel stronger. I hope you didn’t have one already.” Nelson blinks as he looks to the potion, then to the little orange haired girl, then back at the potion. “How do I know you’re not pulling my leg?” He questions her. “If it doesn’t work, or sell, feel free to contact me and I’ll give back the money plus some for it.” She muses. Nelson blinks as she seems to be confident in her work. Shaking his head, he handed her a bag of jewels. “Here you go… I’ll trust you, this time… thank you for your help.” He says as his eyes squint at her a bit.**

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