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    Maid to Serve (Demiari)


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    Maid to Serve (Demiari) Empty Maid to Serve (Demiari)

    Post by Sanguine 5th June 2019, 1:57 pm

    Oak town was never much of a special place for the blood mage after a while. She loved coming here frequently as a child for the library and reading her heart out in all types of books and enjoyable needs, however now it just seemed to be a push of horrible memories for her. It wasn’t like Sanguine didn’t like her childhood, in fact it was the opposite. She envied the ability to go back if she could, but it wasn’t something that could be so easily adjusted and for that, she’d have to move forward. That also meant the ideals that she had to accept were more than insufferable at times where ya others they were just another days work. After the years she put to mentally and physically committing herself to being by Grim’s side, there were still bits of doubt and insecurity. What helped her cope was being around Grim, but lately she’d been so beside herself that the maid had gotten worried. With her not being in the castle much and the place continually spotless, she had left Shadow to tend to the place while she spent some time out.

    A small park within Oak town was just the bit of relaxation she needed... if her flashbacks would just stay away from her. Constant reminders of what was stripped away from her angered her more than she could think of, but she attempted to hide it under a mask of blank emotion. Seated alone on a bench, her mind wandering about as others passed by. Waving kindly to smaller children that passed by to wave at the maid originally did brighten her mood a little bit. She wasn’t entirely a cruel person, but by no means would she defy an order to kill someone should it be given. Still, the Demi-dragoness wanted to continue her peaceful mood, so sitting amongst a park filled with few people was an easy way to keep herself from going to haywire.


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    Maid to Serve (Demiari) Empty Re: Maid to Serve (Demiari)

    Post by Yuiisai 15th June 2019, 7:42 am

    Oak Town wasn't normally somewhere the albino woman would normally spend her time, it was to quaint as everyone knew everyone. It reminded her to much of Cor Torva and Home as much as she hated to admit it. Well at least there was less abuse and manipulation so that to her was always a bonus. She had told the others that she would be away for a week but hadn't exactly told them as to the reason or the location she would be away, it was none of their business as far as she was concerned she was allowed time alone and would kill anyone within her family unit that told her otherwise; that included her clown of a husband. She had closed her eyes and walked in a random direction from the snowy mountain that now counted as her home, well at least for now as the guilds goals seemed to align with their own, that could all change within a matter of moments as Cirven was as wishy washy as he had always been. For all she knew she might get a message on her absence telling her not to the guild hall they were moving on. It truly wouldn't have bothered her if this was indeed the case but she knew it was unlikely to change for a good while if at all.

    At the moment she was wearing a pink maid dress that came to her mid thigh with white frills, a red neck bow, pink stalkings with white frills and red silk ribbons on the side, a white apron that created a large bow perfectly at the back, in her hair she had a white maid headdress, a large red ribbon at the back and smaller pink cord ribbons to the side. Before she knew it she was in a park, it was almost like she had been drawn here but that was impossible as she knew that there was nothing needing reaping and the only people she cared about weren't anywhere near her. 'This is beyond odd.' she thought to herself she said stepping to the side allowing some children who were playing tag to pass before noticing someone who seemed they belonged there just as she herself did. Having a quick internal debate with herself she decided to go towards the other and waved with smile "You have a strange aura around yourself and the stench of death." It didn't take a genius to work out that certain magics gave off certain vibes and given what she herself was she was sensitive to some magics over others.


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