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    Protecting Miss Cooper (D Rank Mission Private)


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    Protecting Miss Cooper (D Rank Mission Private) Empty Protecting Miss Cooper (D Rank Mission Private)

    Post by WinterDornez 13th May 2019, 5:59 am

    Winter couldn’t believe the job that she was given. Some nosey neighbor wanted to protect her neighbor a ‘Miss Cooper’, who was some flower contest winner. She didn’t know why she needed to protect the woman, but she decided that it wasn’t worth her effort to bother asking questions. She was given a target and told to protect it. She would protect this Miss Cooper and she would not let her know that she was in any kind of danger. This was fairly standard, and she wasn’t stupid. At present she was simply waiting for any would be assassin to come by. She was laying down on top of miss Nosey Neighbor’s roof watching miss Cooper’s house.

    She was able to get on the roof easily due to her magic, and her own acrobatic talents. She had a very good view of all of the entrances to Miss Cooper’s house. The woman didn’t believe in putting windows in the direction of the South for whatever reason. But she had plenty of windows on her west and eastern sides of her house. Thankfully, the north, west, and east sides were fully visible from Winter’s vantage point. She started to worry that no one would even show up, until she spotted someone sneaking around in the dark. This figure was amateur at best, but he was being quiet. If not for Winter’s very questionable background and skillset she would’ve likely missed the intruder.

    With as much stealth as she could muster, she climbed down to the ground to quickly close in with the ‘assassin’. As she closes in with him, she begins to flex her fingers. Upon doing so her fingernails begin to grow and form into sharp claws. No sooner did the assassin turn around than Winter was closing in on him with her new claws sharp and ready to go. She stabbed him in the stomach twice aiming for his stomach, and his kidney. He gave a couple of grunts with each strike, but he was still a professional of some description, so he drew a long wicked looking knife to try and slash at her. She was quick though and expecting such a thing. She used her claws to slap at the knife parrying it quite effectively. It was clear that the assassin wasn’t used to a close quarter fight despite the weapon he was brandishing.

    Winter smirked as she stabbed the arm that he was using to hold the blade with using her claws. He grunted as he was forced to drop the blade from the wound he had suffered. Winter didn’t allow him the opportunity to pick it up. Instead she stabbed him in the throat using her claws to rip out the flesh entirely. He bled out in a matter of minutes. As soon as she was done however, she quickly grabbed the body and carried it around to a large garbage bin that this small little cultasac seemed to use. She was careful to keep the blood away from her clothes as a professional woman couldn’t be bloodied like some common swine. She then disposed of the body there her strange claws making it so she didn’t need to use her fingers really, thus would leave no prints. For good measure however she took a bit of flammable material and an old oil lamp that she had asked miss Nosey for and lit it. Then spilling the oil on the body, she broke the lamp on it and burned it. Leaving the dumpster fire behind she walked to her employer’s door with a smile on her face.

    When the door was open, she said “The trash has been taken care of. Don’t worry, your neighbor will keep winning her contests.” She explained holding out her gloved hand taking the money and then leaving with the job well done.




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