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    Passport Favours

    Perry Bardell
    Perry Bardell

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    Passport Favours Empty Passport Favours

    Post by Perry Bardell 10th May 2019, 12:18 pm

    Perry Bardell

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    The young man's steps were drowned out by the noise of the crowds of people he weaved in between. A smile was playing on his lips as the sun gave out and the day swinged into dusk. The sky took on orange and purple hues and the lacrima powered lights that lined the streets lit up. Perry was very much enjoying his time in Rose Garden. Pretty scenery, beautiful ladies and many juicy targets. Rose Garden was a place for those who were in quite well financial situation, after all.

    Perry's skilled eyesight noticed a few wallets that were sticking out, almost begging him to put them in their place. His own pockets. The mage rolled his eyes and sighed. It was not worth using his abilities to snatch those wallets, even if they were obvious targets. Those people did not realise how exposed their precious Jewels were or they simply didn't care in a slightest.

    The young man was eyeing the many different restaurants he passed by. His stomach reminded him that it would be a grand idea to stop for a dinner, when he noticed something a little bit different out of the corner of his eye. It was a sign, placed upon a lacrima lamp.

    'Official point for issuing Fiorian passports
    from 10am until 7pm'

    That certainly lit up quite a few proverbial lightbulbs in Perry's head. Now a passport would be quite the key to open up his world. However, the time had him worried. The young man took a glance at the pocketwatch that was dangling on his side. It was just after 7. "Damn." He whispered to himself. He was a little bit late, but perhaps the staff would still be there.

    The mage approached the tiny green space in middle of a great street where the passports were supposed to be issued. As he had expected, whatever staff was left was packing all of the bureaucracy for the day. There were still people mingling about, trying to get the officials to make them their passports 'real quick'. It would certainly take more time than 'real quick', that was for sure. However, for Perry it was an excellent time to put those skills he gained from the scroll he had acquired fairly recently. He totally did not steal it.

    Perry's feet brought him to the front of the desk that was still occupied by the officials who were desperately trying to pack up, so they wouldn't have to deal with nagging people for the day. A male official noticed Perry approach the desk and promptly put two and two together. "I'm sorry sir, but we are closed for the day. Please come tomorrow." He would attempt to shoo the mage away, who only gave him his brightest smile in return. "Now now. I'm in a bit of a hurry, so could you issue me the passport now?" Perry would ask with the sweetest tone of his voice he could muster.

    The man looked confused for a moment. "I'm confident that we are done-" "Pretty please?" Perry would plead in the same sweet voice, even though it tested his vocal cords a little bit. The official's lips slowly turned into a smile. "Okay, sure." He would reply as the surrounding people took notice of the act. The desk was closed for the day and then this prick comes up asking for a passport and gets it? Unacceptable.

    The people started yelling, demanding they get their passports issued aswell. The rest of the officials seemed to be rather dumbfounded and comfused as to what was going on, as Perry quickly turned around his head to check the collateral damage of his charm. It was pretty bad. "Would you mind speeding up?" Perry would ask, yet demand at the same time and the answer was positive. The mage quickly gave the neccessary information about himself to the staff member and then take the passport and a bit of paperwork, probably something about him really receiving the passport. The other people seemed to have forgotten about Perry already, as they were just intent on getting the passports and the young thief left the area with a cheeky wave to the official who issued the document. It was kind of amazing how he didn't even bat an eye that Perry used his thieving nickname of 'Black Cat' instead of his real name. The mage smirked.

    The world really did seem to suddenly grow insanely big. In more ways than one.
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