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    Breaking And Exiting

    Caitlin Yaguar
    Caitlin Yaguar

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    Breaking And Exiting Empty Breaking And Exiting

    Post by Caitlin Yaguar 23rd April 2019, 7:55 am

    The pirates had not done a great job in hiding their tracks and no sooner had the call for their capture rang out, a surprisingly bold black haired girl was soon on their tracks. Her training with her mother had helped to bolster her confidence and after her successful handling of the hostage crisis in Crocus, Leliana was feeling quietly confident in the abilities of herself and her friends. She had not actually taken part in combat before on a job but she knew that her spirits would be one hundred percent behind her if she needed them and most of them were probably hankering for a fight in truth. The mage hoped that violence would be unnecessary but somehow she doubted that would happen, as sad as it was. Still, she would not turn anyway when there was a job to be done and there were those who needed help.

    The chase was a fairly short one, given that the pirates had not done a great job in covering their tracks and the mage was soon following the trail of jewels that were littering the ground. She followed this for about ten minutes or so, before finding herself coming up against four tall pirates, weapons brandished and pointed in her direction. Swiftly, she called the names of two of her spirits, with Blaziken and one of her new spirits, Lopunny, landing beside her.

    "You called, Mistress?" the flame chicken quipped, eyeing up the pirates with a bold grin, ready for combat.

    "These guys don't look like much of a challenge," Lopunny added, sneaking a glance over at Leliana's other spirit, "Hey Blaziken, looking pumped as always."

    "Could you please focus on the pirates?" Leliana interrupted, her face turning a fine shade of red at that moment.

    "Ah, don't be bashful Leli, just having a bit of fun with the bird," Lopunny answered, moving in front of Leliana, prepared to get stuck in as well.

    With a nod towards each other, both of Leliana's spirits charged in to the fray and made pretty short work of the pirates in truth. Both Blaziken and Lopunny were effective at close range and a powerful Blaze Kick from the flame chicken was enough to knock out one of the pirates out cold although he left it at that and went no further. He then span around and used his second attack, Fire Blast, which crashed hard in to another of the pirates and sent them crashing to the ground. Not wanting to be out done, Lopunny caught the third pirate with enough force to knock him in to the air, before following up with a High Jump Kick to sent him straight back down and out of the fight. As for the last pirate? Well, he tried to run for it but the two spirits were on him in a moment and both delivered powerful punches to end his fighting for the day.

    "Nice job," Leliana said with a small smile, pleased that her spirits had the self control to know when to quit, "Please carry them to the jail, would you?"

    "I'm not made for that," Lopunny complained, before sighing, "I'll do it for you though."

    "I appreciate it," the mage answered, watching as her spirits set about on their tasks, while she set upon collecting all of the jewels, before heading back to the shipping company to collect her reward.

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