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    Breaking and Exiting

    Fernus Darkslayer
    Fernus Darkslayer

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    Breaking and Exiting Empty Breaking and Exiting

    Post by Fernus Darkslayer Tue 18 Apr 2017 - 9:54

    Job Info:

    Hargeon Town, peaceful, quiet, safe, unfortunately that wasn't the case on that day. Fernus was down the road from the Unsō Shipping Co. which was being robbed at the time, Fernus didn't know this of course, but he would soon find out. As he sat in a nearby cafe dining on his favourite dish, a delicious pork cutlet bowl. As one of the thieves blew a conveniently place barrel up in the Shipping Co. Fernus heard the sound, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, his right hand instinctively reached for his hilt, his left conjured a platform of flame beneath his feet, the pork would have to wait. Fernus flew to the sound of the explosion and saw the Unsō Shipping Co. in flames. A huge plume of smoke billowed out of a massive hole in the roof, Fernus landed outside and pulled a worker out of the rubble. His legs were broken, so was one of his arms and probably a few ribs. "Th...they...att.t...tacked...us...we..wer..weren't...prep..ar...ed.." with that, the worker fell into an eternal sleep, death. As Fernus closed the man's eyes, he whispered into his ear, "Sleep, my friend, they shall face the fire they deserve"

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