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    Cherry Makes Potions! (Potion Making assistant)


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    Completed Cherry Makes Potions! (Potion Making assistant)

    Post by Cherry 13th April 2019, 4:11 pm

    Cherry Drima walked up to the Fairy Tail Job Board looking for an easy job she could do. She wasn’t strong or anything, so simple errands and jobs were best for her right now until her roomate had taught her how to fight properly. She looked at the big board, sighing. The board was bigger than she was, being only 4’11. Though, there was a job at the top of the board with big bold letters that caught her eye. ‘POTION MAKING ASSISTANT WANTED’. She crossed her arms. She looked around to make sure no one was watching her. She closed her eyes and sighed. “Animal soul! Bird!” she said, poofing into a blue cloud of smoke, turning into a small blue bird and flying up. She grabbed the flier and changed back into her human form. She went up to the bar and reported to the master’s assistant which job she was going on, and then folded the flier and put it in her bag. She waved goodbye for now and walked out of the Guild Hall, smiling to herself. This job paid a thousand jewel! Sure, that meant she had 49,000 jewel left to get for her rent, since she was splitting it with her roommate, but that would be easy!... Right? Oh well. She put her hands behind her head, looking up to the sky as she walked. Thankfully the job was in Magnolia, so she didn’t have to travel too far. She took her LacPhones (Magic Headphones) out of her bag and put them on, listening to her music while she walked to her destination.

    Once she arrived at the potion maker’s shop, she smiled and knocked on the door. The potion maker answered and tilted his head in question. “I’m here for the potion making job, Sir.“ Cherry announced. “I wasn’t expecting someone so…. Small.” The potion maker squinted. “Never the less, come in.” he said, moving aside to let her in. She smiled and bowed slightly, walking into the small shop. A giant black cauldron sat in the wooden stove, with a bubbling substance in it. She stood in the middle of the room and put her hands behind her back after pulling her LacPhones around her neck. “So, I just gotta mix stuff into that cauldron, right?” she asked. “Yes, that is what you have to do. I don’t really care what it does, just make sure it does something so I can sell it.” The potion maker said. Cherry nodded, and smiled. She grabbed whatever looked the best off the shelf, and got to work. She mixed this and that, that and this, she ground stuff up and tore other things up, juicing other things and throwing it all into the cauldron. She grinned and stirred it all up while it bubbled in the big black cauldron. Once it was finished, she took a wooden ladel and took a small sip from it. She grew, and grew, becoming taller than before. She gasped. “I’m big!” she said. The potion maker laughed and grinned, amused. “Yes, yes you are! This is perfect. Thank you for your effort.” he said, pleased with her creation.

    Cherry smiled and nodded. She grabbed her bag after getting paid and smiled. She was happy she could help. She started her journey home. Her roommate would surely be surprised by her sudden growth. She knew it would wear off eventually, though. But she was happy she had gotten a little taller, even if it was temporary.

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